Friday 28 April 2017

A Clash Of Disabilities...

CCTV footage from last June, played at Barkingside Magistrates Court today, showed Peter Kirby, 52, walking to Elm Park station with his two dogs Cassey and black, white and tan Staffordshire bull terrier Logan.
A Staffie again... *raises eyes heavenwards*
As they went into the station, blind man Mike Brace and his guide dog, a black labrador, Izzy, were being assisted by a member of staff from the platform to the ticket barriers.
But as the barriers opened, Logan leapt onto Izzy’s back with Mr Brace, a Paralympian, and member of staff trying to part them.
The court heard how Izzy was “bleeding a lot” and suffered a number of bruises on her back leaving her with several stitches.
Oh, boy, are you in trouble now, buster! There's a special law now for attacks on disability dogs.

How are you going to go for 'mitigation'?
Kirby’s defence lawyer Jed Shaw told the court how his client has restless leg syndrome, a neurological disorder that causes unpleasant sensations in the legs and an uncontrollable urge to move them.
Kirby, of Suttons Avenue, Hornchurch, who has a Freedom Pass, also has impaired vision.
Ah. I see. Well played!
Mr Shaw said how he was “not feeling well” on the day of the incident due to prescribed medication so did not stop Logan when he continued to walk in front of him.
He said: “They are not registered as assistance dogs but that is what they are essentially.
If they ain't registered as such, they are just mutts!
“If Mr Kirby arrived five seconds earlier, it would not have happened.
And if my auntie had balls, she'd be my uncle!
Kirby pleaded guilty and will have to pay a £250 fine, £30 victim surcharge and £250 compensation to the owner of the guide dog.
He was also told that he must keep Logan on a lead in public and must put a muzzle on him when travelling on public transport.
Prosecutor Philippa McCarthy said: “If he turns like this on one particular day, he could turn on another day and it could be a lot worse.”
So let's give him another chance to do so, eh, Phillipa? I guess you don't frequent the Elm Park area, so you are unlikely to be the next victim...
Judge Gary Lucie also imposed a contingent destruction order which means that if Kirby does not follow these conditions or another incident takes place, Logan will be destroyed.
One to watch.


Lord T said...

Phillipa was the prosecutor. I think she was doing her bit. It's the judges that should be held liable.

selsey.steve said...

Oh! I just give up.
Endless meaningless 'excuses'. Not one of which is in any way a mitigating circumstance, and yet the Judges/Magistrates rely upon these meaningless and unverifiable utterances to reduce or even eliminate the appropriate sentences.

A Geezer said...

Lord T I think Ambush Predator means that Philippa should have demanded the destruction of Logan on this occasion so as to prevent him from repeating such behaviour. However, this took place in Romford, which is in Essex. Maybe Philippa is an "Essex Girl" ?

JuliaM said...

"I think Ambush Predator means that Philippa should have demanded the destruction of Logan on this occasion..."

Yup, spot on*

* Oops, no, Lord T's correct, I got the wrong name ;)

"Not one of which is in any way a mitigating circumstance..."

Indeed, they are often (and should be treated as such) aggravating factors.