Tuesday 25 April 2017

Problem Animals

Third World:
Rashmi Ranjan Nayak, Bolangir district forest officer, said: 'Actually, the main challenge was to control the mob.
'We would have captured the animal if the villagers wouldn't have created disturbance to during the operation. I am glad that we finally managed to cage the beast.'
First World:
Animal director Adrian Harland said: "The cheetah was calm and pacing the enclosure fence looking to get back in.
"Some food was thrown into the enclosure and the cheetah walked back in to get it. No vet intervention was needed.
"The full escape procedure was run because the safari lorries travel past the enclosure. This particular cheetah was no real threat to our guests.
"He only climbed out to get back with his mother after having been separated to stop him eating all her dinner.
"We have secured the enclosure's perimeter fencing to ensure that the cheetah cannot climb out again."
Any questions?


James Higham said...

The main challenge was to control the mob.

Y-e-e-s-s, why does Antifa spring to mind?

JuliaM said...

Now there's a group that could do with a leopard release at their next gathering...