Tuesday 11 April 2017


A report published by SK Architects, based in London Road, Westcliff, which is leading the developement, reads: “The single house has an excessive and uncharacteristic setting and open space in an otherwise semi urban/sub urban context of this part of Leigh.”
Translation: "We can get several rabbit hutch properties suitable for the lower classes on this one plot! And what do they need space for, anyway?"
The plans hope to “create a small unique development of simple and slightly decorative family homes to mediate and respond to the varying context and domestic scale of Underwood Square.”
I like that 'slightly decorative' description! Not often architects slip up like that, is it?
Southend Council will have the final say on the application.
I bet it passes.


Woman on a Raft said...

How odd. Earlier today I was looking at this story and got distracted. I meant to give you the link to the planning application which is for 5 houses on the site.

Then, when I went back to check the searches still return the 'public access' links, but the pages themselves give 404.

Somebody has caught a fright. Those links were working earlier. There was even an application to reduce the crowns of five oak trees. It was turned down - but I can't prove that now.

You can see the search results but the links do not work. It is not now publicaccess.

haydon house planning leigh site:publicaccess.southend.gov.uk

How very curious. I wonder if somebody in/on the council is much more involved than has been revealed? The entire 'idox' system seems to be down.

JuliaM said...

"Somebody has caught a fright."

Maybe someone at Southend Council monitors this blog?