Saturday 22 April 2017

Nope, Doesn't Pass Close Examination...

Dad-of-three Paul said. “He’s a lucky, lucky boy. He was shaken up more than anything.”
But he added that had the lollipop lady still been in place, the accident would not have happened.
He said: “It’s a main road through Dagenham, and a lot of cars would see the yellow sign and stop.
“She was there for three years, and I don’t think a child has been hit in that time.
Well, a child, no, but....the name of the road rang a bell!
“She was good at her job, and all the children liked her.”
And if she'd been on duty then.... wait, where was he hit, again?
Paul Donnelly’s son Brendan was knocked down as he used a pelican crossing at Wood Lane, Dagenham, at around 3.30pm on Friday.
“He’s been told to cross with his mum,” Paul explained.
“She’d gone to cross, and a girl that was behind him got hold of his arm.
By the time he got away, or the girl let him go, the car was there.”
And, one presumes, the red 'do not cross' sign was up. What was mum doing, I wonder? Engrossed in her mobile, perchance?
Paul explained that the driver of the car was only going at 30mph, the road’s speed limit, and stopped at the scene to make sure Brendan was alright.
My sympathies are purely for the driver.


James Higham said...

Had the Lollipop Lady Been in Place. Good book or film title.

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