Saturday 10 February 2018

"I don't think we're in Kansas family court any more..."

She was unhappy about the presence of a reporter in court and asked: 'Can I object to the press being here?'
Nope! This is grown up court, love. What are you being done for, anyway? Parking ticket?
Prosecutor Me. Terence Enewman (sic) told the court: 'It was 2.45pm when police were called by a member of the public to reports of a female armed with a knife.
'In Tenterden Drive they saw the female had a glazed expression and was red-dot challenged with a taser because a knife was sticking out of her jacket pocket.
'She reached for her pocket and the taser was deployed, but was ineffective.'
A bodyworn police camera showed the taser striking Freedman, but having no obvious effect. She had a cut to her finger and was taken to the local Royal Free due to her aggressive and erratic behaviour.
She told the court: 'I went into a state of shock and panic when stopped by the police and I went into a seizure.'
'At the hospital I was anxious and worried and I accept I was reckless, it was not a deliberate assault on the officer and was brought on by my phobia.'
A phobia of being arrested? Good one! Doubt it's going to work, though...
Freedman claimed in court that this is because she has a phobia of police officers, she offered a GP's note to support this.
Gosh, I think now we know why the DWP is so suspicious of GPs certifying some people as disabled, don't we?
She is also currently subject to a suspended sentence from Harrow Crown Court for a racially-aggravated public order offence and has another conviction for causing criminal damage.
Wait, how come she's still allowed to practice law? Still, with that hanging over her, it's a spell in chokey for sure this time, right? 
She was sentenced to eight weeks imprisonment, suspended for twelve months and must comply with ten days of Probation Service-ordered rehabilitation.
Outside she said: 'These stories about me are ruining my life. I'm a solicitor for God's sake and I have not done anything wrong.'

H/T: The Ranter via Twitter


Anonymous said...

Perhaps she charges as ltitle as £300 per hour. But here is the proof that you can have your brain preserved in a jar of formalin and still obtain a law degree.

Anonymous said...

Melvin has the same phobia....makes him write utter crap as a side-effect.

Anonymous said...

I am well aware of my immense failings, Jaded...I write utter crap. It's just that whenever my comments are published alongside yours, folk get the impression that I am stunningly erudite.

Anonymous said...

If she really is a solicitor, and to falsely claim to be one is an arrestable offence, surely her professional body should look at her suitability for that role.
Penseivat (not getting involved in the above argument)

Anonymous said...

Jaded -- some sub-90 IQ bed-wetting pin-dick who masturbates over his Taser?

Anonymous said...

You always speak for "folk" don't you MTG? I only ever claim to speak for myself as I don't have an ego the size of Saturn.

Curmudgeon said...

The shocking thing about this story is that she's a solicitor and not just some lowlife drug-addled chav.

Mind you, in that line of work, having a phobia of police officers is a bit career-limiting...

Anonymous said...

According to the Law Society Ofra Azar-Freedman is a non-practising solicitor. (

Interesting tweet from 2013: "Finally it's starting to look like hard work paying of. However always remember behind every king there's a knife." Whatever did she mean?(

Anonymous said...

'However always remember that behind every king there's a knife'. She sees herself as an omnipotent Shakespearian character, save for actions of assassins like MacBeth, Cassius and Brutus. Here is the ego as large as Saturn, Jaded...although I think you meant Jupiter, dear.

JuliaM said...

"If she really is a solicitor, and to falsely claim to be one is an arrestable offence, surely her professional body should look at her suitability for that role."

Well, quite. They surely don't need any more bad press..?

"The shocking thing about this story is that she's a solicitor ..."

I'm hoping by now there's an 'ex' to be added.

"Interesting tweet from 2013"

Taking to Twitter with these issues seems unwise! Her clients would be better advised to represent themselves.