Wednesday 21 February 2018

Karma Came For Karma....

The attack happened outside Vanessa De Alvia's home in Canberra on Thursday while she was at the shops.
Her terrified children were looking on as the 'hero with a bat' turned up and started laying blow after blow into Karma, the family pet.
In an effort to prevent said 'family pet' killing someone else's family pet! 

Not because he mistook the beast for a stray bouncing googly....
Speaking to Daily Mail Australia, Ms De Alvia said: 'They got out and grabbed the pug. It looks bad in the footage but they were just playing with it like a tug of war like she was a toy.'
Ah, yes, the 'they are only playing!' defence. Watch the footage. They are not playing.
'My neighbour, the lady, called for her partner to help her separate them as she had the baby.'
'Then hero with a bat came and started swinging. We don't know him, have never seen him before.
'My son tried to tell him to use water but he ignored it then hit my dog until she died.'
I bet there's lots of bereaved owners of now-dead pets that would be only too happy to have 'hero with a bat' turn up in their hour of need, don't you?
She says she hopes "he gets everything thrown at him" for the attack.
Rose petals, keys to the city, plaudits..?
Ms De Alvia added: 'Well my son's traumatised he tried to tell the man what to do but he didn't listen and did what he wanted to do.'
She hopes more awareness will come of what has happened so far.
'People need to listen. My son tried to tell him he ignored it,' Ms De Alvia said. Violence against animals is not necessary and its not right.'
It shouldn't be necessary, you're right. People should be more responsible. That means you, love.


Pcar said...

Hmm, no photos of Vanessa De Alvia in any articles - too chavy?

The dogs "just playing":

Karma the pit bull was beaten to death with a cricket bat while it fought with another pet.

Ms De Alvia's other dog Pumbaa the Staffordshire bull terrier was also involved in the incident.

I'd guess Karma the pit bull was dominant head of the family. Dogs must be subservient to all humans in their pack.

JuliaM said...

I suspect the dog's IQ was a bit higher than anyone else's in the family....