Saturday 17 February 2018

Blaming The School For Your Own Parenting Failure...

A parent is outraged after her son's school told students....
Wait, wait! I'm not ready yet!

*fetches popcorn, settles in*

OK, begin!
...they would not be allowed to buy lunch in the canteen unless they were wearing blazers.
Seems an easy fix, then. Tell junior to wear the blazer.
Bishop Justus Church of England School in Bromley confirmed to News Shopper the rule was to "encourage students to wear their blazers".
Why aren't they wearing their blazers? No-one seems to have a good reason not to...
One parent believes the condition is too severe. The mum told News Shopper: "By all means punish a child with detention. But to deny them food when some haven't even had time for breakfast is abuse of authority and also of the child."
If junior 'hasn't had time for breakfast', that's not the fault of the school, is it? Especially when the solution is within your own hands. Tell junior to wear the blazer! Sorted!
"Bishop Justus is a Christian school with Christian values, yet denies a child to eat as a form of punishment."
I seem to remember quite a lot about obeying authority in the Bible. Did you skip those bits?
"If the child is diabetic and needs to eat this could cause many problems with health."
Yeah, fairly sure the school's thought of this one. Bet there's a big increase in diabetic kids next term!
"For this to be allowed in a day and age where people are struggling to afford food, parents are hoping their child is eating at school."
If you're hoping that the school is feeding your child because you can't (more likely, won't...) you've got bigger problems that school policies on uniforms.
"My child shares their lunch with children that have been denied food. Some have left crying. This effects children's energy moods and also their studying."
Then tell junior to WEAR THE BLOODY BLAZER!


jack ketch said...

I'm just amazed any school still has blazers and ties! We HAD to wear ties and blazers, so we would be prepared for 'the world of work' or 'working in a office'. Which makes schools' move over to polo shirts and base caps understandable ...prepare the MC Cherubs....

Presumably the school motto is now num quid vis fries? (and the pedants can blame Google translate if that is incorrect)

Ted Treen said...

I'm with you on this Julia: if a kid 'doesn't have time for breakfast' then prosecute its parent/parents for abuse as it's their job to get the little bugger up in the morning and feed it.

Doesn't anyone know what "responsibility" means anymore?

John M said...

Even more abusve if they are not being given breakfast and he child is diabetic...

Anonymous said...

Whenever I come across a story that doesn't seem to make sense, I am always suspicious that there are important details missing from the report. Some of the kids don't like wearing their blazers. The school has countered this by stating that they have to wear their blazers to get fed. Some of them are stubborn enough to go without food rather than wear their blazers. I'm not sure what the problem is.


Pcar said...

I sincerely hope & pray Bishop Justus Church of England School tells this harpie NO exception.

Also, Bishop Justus Church of England School should change "encourage students to wear their blazers" to "pupils must wear their blazers".

James Higham said...

Point is, Jack Ketch, that if that’s the upfront rule, like jacket and tie at the cricket, then that’s the upfront rule. It was enough to get Lewis Hamilton barred from the VIP box at Wimbledon.

Kevin said...

I know I'm an old codger, but when I was at school there was nobody even thought about not wearing their blazer. Probably because the school's solution to the heating packing in was to close half the windows!

Pcar said...


Standard winter clothing in classroom at my old school was:

Pupils: vest, shirt & tie, jumper, trousers, blazer, coat and optional scarf and gloves.

Teachers: as above, but suit (not blazer) and gown or coat.

JuliaM said...

"I'm just amazed any school still has blazers and ties! "

Mist of the Southend ones still do! Given how they act while on the train, perhaps it's not good advertising for the schools, though..

"Doesn't anyone know what "responsibility" means anymore?"

Only when prefixed 'someone else's', it seems...

"I'm not sure what the problem is."

Well, quite. I expect it's against their 'uman rites. Innit?

"Probably because the school's solution to the heating packing in was to close half the windows!"