Thursday 1 February 2018

At Last They Are Doing Their Job! Aren't They...?

You'd certainly think so if you glanced at the headline....

But when you actually delve beneath....
Surrey Police seized 98 dogs under the Dangerous Dogs Act between 2012 and 2017 with 28 of them euthanised according to figures obtained by Get Surrey via freedom of information legislation.
That's a pretty lousy hit rate.
Officers also seized more than 40 pitbull terriers, which are banned under the Dangerous Dogs Act because they have been bred for fighting, with 10 of them put down.
And that's an even worse one! What about the other 30? Were they deemed 'not pitbulls' after all?
Breeds of dogs seized in Surrey include Mastiffs, Jack Russells, Rottweilers, German Shepards (sic), Huskies and American Bulldogs.
What's the Jack Russell doing in there? Did it bite a midget?
Dog welfare expert Samantha Gaines said: "The RSPCA is opposed to breed specific legislation, which bans four specific types, including the pit bull terrier, because it seriously compromises dog welfare and fails to protect the public.
Who cares about the dog's welfare? They should be dealt with quickly and humanely, with little cost to the taxpayer. God knows, the police have learned that (though naturally, only when it's their arse that might feel the business end of Fido's teeth).
"Aggression in dogs is very complex and there are many reasons why a dog might bite, such as an underlying medical condition or fear of a certain situation. But breed is not a reliable indicator of risk."
Yes, it is. Because size and temperament are a factor. I can boot an attacking chihuahua down the street, I'm in serious trouble if it's an akita or American bulldog.


Lord T said...

After all this time I don't understand why dogs welfare is at risk. They were banned a long time ago.

Someone somewhere is breeding them and they should be prosecuted for that.

Pcar said...

RSPCA: "...[dog] breed is not a reliable indicator of risk..."

May not be 100% reliable, but is an excellent indicator as is a wagging tail.

Labs, Spaniels & poodles (retrievers) invariably friendly.

German Shepherds, Dobermanns & Rottweilers - be wary.

I see a trend here - don't mention the war.

JuliaM said...

"They were banned a long time ago.

Someone somewhere is breeding them..."

Lots are, but once again, legislation is seen as the answer, without anybody actually acting on it.

"I see a trend here - don't mention the war."

Rarely these breeds, these days. Home grown Staffies, or American Bulldog.