Saturday 24 February 2018

It's A Tragedy, Because They Seemed Well Suited...

Police and prosecutors are still flummoxed as to why a dying Mr Lavelle chose not to ring either police or the ambulance service as he moved around his Rock Ferry flat, in the process leaving blood stains on his walls and furniture.
It could have been confusion caused by blood loss. Or it could have been he simply wasn't very bright.
Lewis, 46, was accused of murder but she changed her plea to guilty to the lesser charge of manslaughter on the second day of her trial.
Following the attack, she took several photos of her boyfriend's injured face in the bedroom of his flat.
As one does...
Lewis, of Croxteth Avenue, Seaforth, and Mr Lavelle had been in a relationship for around a year after meeting on a dating website.
When interviewed at the police station, Lewis denied causing any injury to him, and even denied that he had an injury.
The injury she had photographic evidence of, you mean? Hmmm, didn't need to be told they didn't meet at a MENSA convention, do we?
Judge Aubrey: “No sentence that this court imposes can ever mitigate their loss or take away from their grief.”
Judge Aubrey states that up until the second day of her trial Lewis had accepted no responsibility. He states that the suggestion Mr Lavelle may have taken his own life caused pain to his family.
JA “You placed before the court false positive assertions in a basis of my judgement you are still seeking to hide behind a mask of loss of memory.”
He says her sentence will be reduced by five per cent for her late guilty plea.
“It was a sad and unusual death and no one would have expected him to die from that injury, but he did, and you and no one else bears full responsibility for that death,
“ Judge Aubrey says: “One is not convinced that you have shown any remorse whatsoever.”
So the punishment will be harsh, right?
Judge Aubrey says he will pass a determinate sentence, meaning Lewis will serve half in prison before being released on licence.

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