Thursday 1 February 2018

“I felt like I wanted the police once again to be able to help but they didn’t have the tools and the power that they needed to be able to do that.”

The killer’s last post was written at around the time a docu-drama about the case was due for release in January 2016.
Ms LaFave told the hearing: “I was reassured that there was no way he could contact me from prison and I then started to get worried he had escaped, because he is capable – he is such a good liar.
“I got worried and called 999, I happened to be in London for the release of the documentary Murder Games and I was told to call the prison and find out if he was still there.”
Because the police and the prison service never speak to one another. Or help a clearly worried murder victim's relative being harassed by a criminal.
“I’m quite sure that I don’t know what prison – I don’t know the number nor would they tell me, because I’m kind of any old person. I then was call-transferred to Surrey where I lived, and had to explain the whole thing over again on the street in a frantic worry that he had escaped.
“In the end he never did get in trouble for it because he did it with the software that anybody can purchase to hide the identity of where the link came from.
That’s just scary.”
Funny, they certainly do seem to have the power, as DumbJohn reports. When it suits them.


Anonymous said...

The Plod service...short of tools, you say?

JuliaM said...

I see what you did there... ;)