Monday 26 February 2018

It's A Foreign Country, They Do Things Differently Up There...

...and how!
A doctor has been cleared of a dangerous dog charge after her mastiff brutally savaged a woman.
GP Esther Wilson’s dog George lunged at Tracey McAllister as she walked in Dundee’s Old Craigie Road with a friend during her lunch break.
The animal bit through Mrs McAllister’s padded winter coat, digging its teeth into her arm and leaving blood pouring down her sleeve.
Did the good doctor assist the victim?
The dog only let go after a passerby repeatedly kicked it on the head until it released its grip.
Dr Wilson admitted being in charge of the dog at the time of the incident but was cleared after her lawyer argued there was no evidence she knew there was any chance of the dog attacking.


Nope, me neither! There's no word on the fate of the hound, either. I hope Ms McAllister can at least sue for damages, or is that also different north of the Wall?


Ted Treen said...

There really seems to be a degree (at least) of truth in the old adage - "Today's Scots are proof that the Vikings shagged the Highland Cattle".

JuliaM said...