Monday 19 February 2018

Vile Creature...

The Magistrates accepted her remorse and acknowledged that the situation was tense for everyone involved.
Well, really? For the injured party and the scum on trial, yes. But for vastly different reasons.
She was given a six week sentence, suspended for 12 months. She also must complete 180 hours of unpaid work.
What sort of work is she capable of? Maybe cleaning out the disabled toilets in a care home, perchance?

With her tongue.


Ted Treen said...

I can't see how her tongue would have any cleaning effect on even the most misused of toilets: quite the opposite effect, in fact.

Anonymous said...

Pretty ghastly. Abysmal 'punishments' diminish the victims of crime and infuriate everyone else, save for the guilty. Sharia justice, anyone?

JuliaM said...

I wouldn't go that far, Melvin.