Wednesday 28 February 2018

Who's Concerned? Anyone? Bueller?

An inquest into the death of a prisoner has ruled although it was accidental, it could have been prevented.
The ruling means that in the past two years, there have been contributing factors in the deaths of three inmates at Chelmsford Prison.
Chelmsford Coroner’s Court heard that the Mr Shaw, who had a history of drug abuse, died after smoking a morphine patch in his cell.
The jury unanimously found the death to be an accident. However, they also agreed that, with better communication and more resources, Mr Shaw’s welfare could have been better managed and his untimely death avoided.
Maybe. *shrugs*
Chelmsford Coroners Court heard Mr Shaw was a drug user serving a six-year sentence for robbery. The decision from the inquest is the latest ruling that marks out a concerning trend at the prison.
I'm sure Shaw's victim was really concerned about his welfare.


jack ketch said...

It also highlighted that assaults on staff had increased by 400 per cent in the last year.

*looks for the neon purple cockatrice in the cell block* know -that one with the roll up in its beak.

Antisthenes said...

It is no surprise that when a public body or institution cocks up the excuse is made "it was the lack of resources wot done it". Never accuse the system and those who are employed in it and say "it was them wot done it". That would never do otherwise it would open a pandora's box of accountability and that would mean those public bodies would be open to real scrutiny. Then it would soon be recognised that it is not they who are punished when they cock up which is often but us the taxpayer and ordinary people who they are supposed to serve and/or protect. The result would be that it would be recognised that our public bodies are dysfunctional, not fit for purpose and can never ever be any different because they are a monopoly, lack competition and are not motivated by either reward(profit) of punishment(fine[the taxpayer picks up that bill not the employees] or closure). One day the public will understand that government and the public sector are the problem not the solution but by then pigs will fly.

Hector Drummond, Vile Novelist said...

"The latest inspection by the Independent Monitoring Board identified several issues with the prison, including prisoners spending hours on end in their cells... "

Isn't prison supposed to be a place where prisoners spend hours in their cells?

Anonymous said...

Shrugs noted. So you didn't bother doing a little research?
Timothy Shaw became a hopeless drug addict by the time he was 17. He described his outlook as 'finished with life' and must have reflected many times on the relief of suicide. He stated that he wanted to spare his family that pain and pleaded for help with his addiction. His sister told reporters that Mr Shaw also suffered from mental illness and social isolation.
Well, his suffering is over now, JuliaM. Have a nice day...why not post (anonymously,of course) a few packets of Antu to Chelmsford Prison?

Greencoat said...

I’m no bleeding heart but this young man’s sorry life and hopeless demise do seem pitiable. The people who make, sell and promote ‘recreational’ drugs have created a hetacomb of death, yet their activities go on being tolerated. When will justice prevail?

Hector Drummond, Vile Novelist said...

A little bit of research reveals that he was jailed because after robbing a shop, he stole a car, led police on a high-speed chase through the suburbs, and then rammed a police car twice, narrowly avoiding serious injury to the police officers inside. So my sympathy for him mostly evaporated after that.

Anonymous said...

Ah, yes. Two crazed drivers instead of just the establish another insane police chase...and the 'right' circumstances for two police compensation claims to succeed. But a high speed chase involving a Micra, HD? If you insist, you vile novelist.

Anonymous said...

Of course Melvin will defend a person suffering from mental problems and social isolation . Separated at birth?

Anonymous said...

Your thoughts are consistently weird but nevertheless family-orientated, WC Jaded. A previously overlooked advantage in having siblings for parents, no doubt.

JuliaM said...

" know -that one with the roll up in its beak."

A drugs reference, or smoking ban?

"The result would be that it would be recognised that our public bodies are dysfunctional..."

Is there anyone out there who doesn't believe that already? Even the 'Guardian' columnists shun public sector 'services' as soon as they get rich enough.

"Isn't prison supposed to be a place where prisoners spend hours in their cells?"

It damn well would be if they elected me to run them! Apart from the hours they'd spend clearing ditches & picking litter, of course.

"Well, his suffering is over now, JuliaM. Have a nice day."

I care mostly about the suffering his actions caused the innocent.

JuliaM said...

"...yet their activities go on being tolerated. "

Not by me, they don't!