Tuesday 6 February 2018

Here We Go Again...

A Melton woman whose terrier was viciously attacked by another dog and required life-saving surgery is angry that police declined to investigate the incident.
She was told by officers that it was a matter for the council to look into...
The usual fobbing off that must have served them well in the past, before they got the increase in legislative weaponry that they claimed they needed in order to act...
Melton MP Sir Alan Duncan is backing her case and has demanded police launch an investigation into the incident to ensure the safety of residents and their pets.
Well, quite! He might well have added 'Why ask for tools you seem reluctant to then use?'
Blossom’s owner added: “The whole incident was horrific. I have been to the police station but they said it was a matter for the council although I thought I was in danger as well, and was extremely frightened.
Let's look at that link again:

Seems pretty clear to me. How about you, reader?
“It was so upsetting that a dog of this size could be on the loose in Melton town centre and the police are not willing to investigate.
“This could have happened to a child or an elderly person which does not bear thinking about.”
I'm not sure why this is always trotted out as if it were some trump card that will get plod off their backsides, it doesn't matter that it wasn't a child or an elderly person..!
A spokesperson for Melton Council said: “These incidents do not happen that often...”
My blogtag is here to prove you wrong!
Leicestershire Police were unable to respond before we went to press.
They seem unable to do anything quickly, don't they?


Anonymous said...

Come, come, JulianM. Don't feign ignorance of Leicester Plod hosting the National Doughnut Eating Festival. It will probably be late March before the police 'service' can even think about responding to crime.

JuliaM said...

Probably too busy trawling through all those social media accounts....