Friday 16 February 2018

Well, My Irony Meter Just Exploded. Again.

Speaking as a member of the Green Party, Councillor Pete West said: “According to the council, there is no scope for warning before fines.
“Green councillors have received a great many complaints from both residents and small businesses who have been at the receiving end of a heavy-handed approach being taken by 3GS on behalf of the council.”
Green councillors complaining about onerous and heavy handed demands on the public!

What next? Labour Party councillors whining about an increase in vibrancy in their neighbourhoods?


Pcar said...

OT The Labour Party Civil War

The Labour Party has collapsed into a state of civil war and the battleground is Twitter...

...The moderates in Labour have brought this on themselves. They have stood by and watched as their party has been stolen by Momentum. The Labour Party no longer exists in any recognisable form, it has been hijacked by hard left entryists.

We have a new genre to add to RomCom: LabCom /:popcorn time

JuliaM said...

There's not enough popcorn. Ever! What with this, and the Brendan Cox saga.

Fahrenheit211 said...

Julia I would not be completely unsurprised if more dirt comes out about Brendan Cox. Those female Labour MP's who are coming out in favour of Cox (as can be seen over at Guido's place) may end up with egg on their faces if this happens.

BTW my comment on St Brendan of the Waving Shroud

JuliaM said...

I think you may well be right, these types rarely are single offenders, there's often a long-established pattern.