Saturday 17 February 2018

Words No Longer Mean What They Used To....

Mr Stephenson - described as a happy, carefree “rock” for his family, and a boy with a “really big heart” - was found dead at the scene in a trench by roadworks.
Another angle in hevven....
His mother had said to him hours earlier: “Don’t take the bike out tonight my lad. Be a good lad for your mam.”
He said: “I won’t mam.”
Oh, it's like the death of little Nell..!
Prosecutor Richard Bennett said: “Unfortunately, Sonny ignored his mother’s advice that night.”
He rode the Yamaha Diversion, modified with false plates, a loud engine and no front lights or back brakes, while wearing a balaclava and casual clothes but without protective clothing or a crash helmet.
A boy with 'a really big heart', but not, clearly, two brain cells to rub together.

And his appointment in Samarra fast approaching in the form of one totally fed-up citizen.
Peter Makepeace QC, defending, said: “He accepts that he is fully, completely and solely responsible to blame for that death.
“His actions were unbelievably stupid, unbelievably reckless and grossly criminal.”
And one might ask why he didn't leave it up to the police, who are paid to resolve anti-social behaviour. One might ask, indeed...

But he didn't.
He said Buckworth acted after feelings of “powerlessness”, community concern and distress built up in the preceding months over misuse of powerful motorbikes converted into “joy-riding tools”.
One might think that the police should be targeting these sorts of criminals. One might think, indeed...
Judge Simon Bourne-Arton QC, the Recorder of Middlesbrough, said the sentence might “satisfy no-one” and could never compensate for the loss or help overcome the grief.
He said Buckworth - described as a normal, decent, hard-working family man with two children - was affected by anti-social behaviour and acted under a degree of provocation.
But he told him: “Nothing could have justified what you did.
“What you did was to decide to teach him a lesson.
“This was not an impulsive act. There was some thought given to what you did.”
Whereas there was no thought given to anything by Sonny, ever. Or by Sonny's useless 'parents'.

Yet his departure from the world is considered 'a great loss'. And this verdict is considered 'justice'.

I think I need a new dictionary.


Anonymous said...

There but for the grace of God...A few years ago (and fortunately with only limited success) I tried to pull one of these village idiots from an illegal motorcycle, as it was being ridden without number plates, helmet or regard for public safety. It's thanks to a spineless, good-for-nothing police 'service' that many honest citizens are driven to establish neighbourhood peace in default.
He managed to wobble away from me and I never saw him after this incident. But I have no doubt he is still be a source of nuisance to others, forced to contend with the excess noise and pavement riding, until his own Samaarrian appointment with a spade.

jack ketch said...

Does it make me racist because I was surprised to find the lad was white -despite not having an Irish surname?

They used to say "if you can't do the time, then don't do the crime". Nowadays maybe that sage advice should be "if you can't stop yourself tweeting, then don't do the crime" ? Buckworth is rather lucky to have only gotten 6 years.

ivan said...

Methinks they should be pinning a medal on Mr. Buckworth rather than sending him to jail.

Anonymous said...

Do go into great detail Melvin about your dice with death. This story is as true as "disturbing burglars and I'm still waiting for the police to attend" one. I'm all ears.

Anonymous said...

@ WC Jaded
The likes of you claim the moon landings were faked and that the Earth is flat. What the 'educatid' choose to believe is 'there' affair.

Anonymous said...

Men did land on the moon.
The earth is round.
Melvin won a by-election.

One of the above is not true. Answers on a postcard to the Nuthouse Huddersfield.

I looked on your Facebook page Melvin. Changing the world one friend at a time?

Anonymous said...

"I looked on your Facebook page..."
I am aware of your unhealthy stalking, WC Jaded. But it is the regular misuse of the police national computer to look up MTG 1, which has given rise to very specific criminal offences. I am guessing that your own police service is sufficiently corrupt to tolerate you...but don't you impose upon yourself, a personal limit for the number of times you are forcefully accommodated in cells at your own workplace?

Anonymous said...

Nice one Melvin. Innocent until proven guilty, except in your eyes every policeman is fat,lazy,corrupt and racist. Have I missed anything out?

JuliaM said...

"It's thanks to a spineless, good-for-nothing police 'service' that many honest citizens are driven to establish neighbourhood peace in default. "

I can often find fault with your comments, Melvin. But not this time, sad to say.

"Nowadays maybe that sage advice should be "if you can't stop yourself tweeting, then don't do the crime" ?"

He'd have gotten away with it of not for that phone?

"Methinks they should be pinning a medal on Mr. Buckworth..."