Friday, 2 June 2023

Ah, You Know What Will Help? Some Doggerel...

No, no, really!
Brighton Palace Pier has received criticism from some customers for not allowing dogs on the popular tourist attraction. One Trip Advisor reviewer, Darren_R1, even wrote a poem in protest, stating that dogs should be allowed on the attraction.

Oh no! Not poetry!  

... the management has defended the policy, stating that it is for the safety of both the dogs and the other customers.

But, but, someone's written poetry...!! 

A spokesman replied: "Lovely poem but a busy pier is not the place for dogs.
"The pier gets too busy and dogs get frightened, also health and safety and also relieving themselves on the deck and around the bins, who will clear it up?
"What if the dogs get into fights, there are too many risks involved with allowing dogs on Brighton Pier and so the rule is no dogs."

What next? Mime? 


Anonymous said...

"What next, mime?"
Never underestimate the power of protest through the media of dance.

The Jannie said...

"What next? Mime?"
It's Brighton, so yes.

Bucko said...

Thanks for not showing the poem

Anonymous said...

Step away from the sonnet....

JuliaM said...

"Never underestimate the power of protest through the media of dance."


"It's Brighton, so yes."

I fear you're right!

"Thanks for not showing the poem"

This IS a public service blog...😉

"Step away from the sonnet...."