Wednesday 7 June 2023

If You're Wondering Why Cops Hate Going To Domestics...

...wonder no more

A man yelled "Don't know you know I am? I am the f***ing gold!" and threatened to "bite off" a police officer's face before breaking his arm in a drunken rage.
Peter Ellis, 39, punched a police officer in the jaw then shattered another's right arm when they turned up outside his Elm Gardens home in Seaforth at around 11pm on February 4 last year, having been called to reports of a domestic incident.
His girlfriend Michelle Smith, of Larch Grove, Bidston, then leapt into the fray, grabbing the injured police officer and kicking his broken arm several times.


The pair appeared at Liverpool Crown Court today, May 24, each pleading guilty to charges of assaulting an emergency worker and affray, with Ellis facing an additional charge of grievous bodily harm.

Bang to rights! No amount of mitigation will forestall a trip to chokey! 

Jim Smith, defending Ellis, said: "(Ellis) has sought therapy himself and is awaiting behavioural therapy, and is under the local mental health team. He suffers from complex PTSD owing to a life event which he suffered when he was a young man, which continues to affect his behaviour.
"He's somebody who has obtained employment, he's somebody who remains unlawful substance-free. He's somebody who contributes to the family as much as possible... It's a very different man you see before you today in court than that which committed the offences in February 2022."
Gary Lawrenson, defending Smith, said: "This was genuinely and completely out of character for this woman. She doesn't usually drink and she certainly hasn't since. She does take full responsibility for her actions. This is the first time that she's been before any court at the age of 37, a terrifying experience that she seeks never to repeat."

Ah, good effort, lads, but you're wasting your ti.. 

Ellis was given a 12 month sentence suspended for two years, and was ordered to carry out 200 hours of unpaid work and 20 days of rehabilitation. Smith was given a four-month sentence suspended for two years, and 20 days of rehabilitation.



Anonymous said...

Ah, residents of the city of perpetual victimhood. I'm just surprised they weren't each given a fiver out of the poor box and an orange lolly. As for the nasty, Nazi, coppers, sack them, burn their houses down, and sell their families into slavery. After all, that's what the people of Liverpool would want.
I'm just surprised the numpties in government aren't planning on improving the status of Scouseland by parking the barges full of invaders in the Mersey.

Anonymous said...

If I had a £ for every domestic I’d attended I’d have £12…..
Three most dangerous job losing calls in the police are domestics, mental health welfare checks and missing persons. All have the potential to turn into deaths which are always the fault of the police .

JuliaM said...

"Ah, residents of the city of perpetual victimhood."

I've not been there for years. Thankfully!

" All have the potential to turn into deaths which are always the fault of the police ."

And now add to that 'e-bike pursuit'.