Saturday, 3 June 2023

But Those Who Broke It Will Never Face Any Consequences...

Mr Brennand said he would be writing to Health Secretary Steve Barclay expressing his 'profound concerns' about issues including morale, workloads and staff shortages.
Afterwards Mr Jones said Emily had been the victim of a 'broken' system. Campaigners said the tragedy raised 'serious questions' about whether the public were safe.
...and so what will change? Nothing.
After smuggling herself into Britain on the back of a lorry in 2014, Skana was twice sectioned under the Mental Health Act following a series of violent outbursts.
She attacked her mother with an iron in February 2017. Skana then absconded from the unit where she was being treated, tried to obtain a knife and demanded to see a friend's daughter. The following year she was refused asylum, but was allowed to remain in the UK after lodging an appeal.
Emily's inquest heard the Home Office dropped plans to contest the appeal – despite asylum workers being informed she had confessed that her trafficking claim had been a lie. The hearing was told her statement was disregarded due to the mental health problems she was suffering at the time.

Yet another in the litany of failures  to lay at the door of the disfunctional Home Office. The father of little Emily is unhappy with the verdict, as well he might be. 

Does the coroner sympathise, or does he see it as a way to burnish his woke credentials by chiding the grieving man? Reader, I leave it to you to decide: 

The coroner added that it was 'not difficult to appreciate that he may well feel, and is entitled to feel', that Skana 'should never have been allowed into the country' or be 'cared for in the community'.
But he stressed that unlike treatments from 'yesteryear', when patients with paranoid schizophrenia would be kept 'under lock and key on a permanent basis', we now lived in 'more enlightened times'.

And all it costs us is the lives of our children. How very enlightened. 


Anonymous said...

Should hang. End of.

Anonymous said...

I’ve said this before but every crime committed by a lying asylum seeker is preventable by not allowing the vermin here in the first place.
It amazes me that their stories are only thoroughly checked after they commit a serious crime . It’s too late then .
Until the victim is an MP’s daughter nothing will change.

JuliaM said...

"Should hang. End of."

Agreed. But we're too 'enlightened' now...

"Until the victim is an MP’s daughter nothing will change."

I don't think it'd change even then.