Wednesday 6 June 2012

Ahhh, We'll Let You Off. Again. And Again And Again And Again...

A judge sitting at Exeter Crown Court said he had 'grave concerns' about Smith's attitude to animal welfare.
But he deferred sentence for six months to give the farmer time to improve the conditions in which the dogs are kept.
No. Of course this isn't a first offence. This ghastly specimen of humanity is an experienced, serial animal abuser:
Sean Brunton, prosecuting, said Smith was convicted in 1998 of failing to dispose of animal by-products and in 1999 of welfare offences.
He was banned from keeping sheep and cattle for five years.
In 2008 he was convicted of both offences again, resulting in a second five-year ban - a prohibition which remains in force.
Judge Cotter QC deferred sentence on all matters until November to give Smith the opportunity to improve conditions for the dogs.
He claimed this would allow Smith to avoid a disqualification from keeping them in the future.
He should be disqualified for life from keeping anything bigger than a Madagascan hissing cockroach. And Cotter should be disqualified from the bench.


Anonymous said...

Nothing wrong with feeding carrion to dogs... it's far better food than the tinned stuff. The dogs look well-fed, and tearing the carcass apart is going to keep them entertained.
Also, they are kept in groups and not alone either, so the pack order will be long established and the 'fighting' will be limited to normal group behavior.

The dogs didn't look that muddy btw -- and they have huts to shelter in the rather large pen seems.

All that he needs to do is add some paving or similar to cover more of the ground in case it rains epically, but that's about it, other than that, from a dog's POV, this is a pretty sweet set up.

Basically people are freaking out over a bit of mud and 3 condemned pig carcasses... bless.

That's why the judge didn't do much to the farmer, because there wasn't anything much to do about...

JuliaM said...

It might well be doggy heaven, but there's a good reason for animal welfare standards, and you have to wonder just what it takes for someone to be banned when they've flouted those standards so many times...

Anonymous said...

ALl you need to know here is that the RSPCA is involved... and it's yet another publicity stunt where someone is dragged out into the public glare for the 2 minute hate fest organised in order to solicit sympathy and donations.

And as we know, the RSPCA have a long history of harassing people and exaggeration their claims in every way they can.

Hence I'd have to see the background story (and pictures...) of his convictions before I'd make a judgement about this farmer.

This entire story smells worse than those pig carcasses...!