Monday 25 June 2012

When ‘Round Up The Usual Suspects’ Becomes ‘Just Round Up The Nearest People’…

Police stormed a house in Hall Cut, Brightlingsea, arresting the group after a man was attacked in an alleyway outside Nathan Jalaudin’s 19th birthday party.
The victim, a 24-year-old, had been at the party until the early hours of Monday, June 4, when he went outside alone.
The group were shocked when he staggered back into the house minutes later with a puncture wound.
Seven people from the party, aged between 16 and 21, were arrested the next morning after police forced entry into the property.
But only briefly, you understand.
The brother and sister said since their arrests they have been verbally abused and received threatening phone calls.
Miss Jalaudin said: “We are not bad people. We haven’t done anything wrong.
“We have had people call us names in the street and phone calls to our home.
“The police haven’t apologised. We just got letters saying we had been released.
“Brightlingsea is a small town. Rumours get around fast.”
So, complain!
Mr Jalaudin, a music technology student at Colchester Institute, said they were considering lodging a formal complaint.
He said: “When the police came at 2am we told them we were his mates and hadn’t done it. Then I woke up to police everywhere. They smashed in our gate and front window.
“I’m relieved it’s over, but people still stare at me like I’m a criminal.”
It’s not even all rosy, either. Despite releasing them, their possessions are still in police custody.
The family’s gate was destroyed by the forced entry and the siblings said they will be seeking compensation.
The seven arrested have been told mobile phones and clothes confiscated during the arrest will not be returned until August 8.
Why? For forensic examination?

Was that the reason for the arrest in the first place, to gain access to these without having to ask?
An Essex Police spokesman, said: “Detectives have to take all reasonable action to investigate allegations of crimes.
“We cannot comment on specific incidents, but there is a process for complaints if they wish to make one.”
I think the definition of ‘reasonable’ shouldn’t be simply to make it easier for the state’s agents to do its job, frankly.

Especially when the consequences of arrest (DNA retention, overseas visa complications) are now potentially quite serious.

It's not just Essex Police either - West Midlands Police - no stranger to faux pas - were responsible for this appalling leap to judgement just the other day.
Yesterday, Derrick’s sister Angela, 46, revealed the family heard of the deaths first from friends who saw news reports. She said: “Our mum Brenda got calls saying ‘Your son is dead’ before she knew what had happened.
Utterly disgraceful. And maybe if they weren't so concerned to arrest everyone in the immediate vicinity, they'd have spared a thought for the less-glamorous, but just as important, aspects of a murder investigation?

Like informing the next of kin?


Anonymouslemming said...

And now, without actually having been committed of a crime, their DNA and fingerprints remain on file for far too long.

Oh, and any ECRB check shows them as having been arrested in connection with a violent crime - that'll make getting jobs in the current economy a doddle, right ?

Furor Teutonicus said...

XX he staggered back into the house minutes later with a puncture wound. XX

From now on, he is to be known as "The Michelin man"?

JuliaM said...

If you think that little episode with Essex Police Farce was bad, well, you ain't seen nothin' yet!