Monday 11 June 2012

Stars In Their Eyes...

Mr Finlay said: "He felt it was an appropriate way to deal with matters - in his simple way of looking at things, it was a measure of last resort to get contact with his child and he sees that as being successful."
As well he might! This side of the border, he'd get one more chance.

They aren't quite so forgiving in Tayside:
However, in sentencing, Sheriff Tom Hughes told Lamb that he had been given the order as an alternative to jail - so the only option was prison.
He said: "What is particularly difficult in your case is that of the 200 hours imposed, you did only one - and that was when you reported to the social work department to have a programme set up for you.
"So you have done absolutely nothing on this order."
He added: "This was not a licence for you to ignore the order and go off on your own daft frolics like appearing on television shows rather than doing the work asked of you."

H/T: CJ Nerd via email


Captain Haddock said...

The photo on the accompanying article proves conclusively that Neanderthal man is alive and well & living in Dundee .. ;)

Woman on a Raft said...

He stole a toilet seat? For crying out loud, what resale value is there in a second-hand toilet seat, and who spends time unscrewing one on a burglary?

Razors - so I'm told - are tradeable for a wrap but I can't see Danny the Dealer being interested in dislocated sanitary wares in general.

Plus, they are quite large things to conceal about your person when leaving the premises.

Anonymous said...

pointless scum and he's bred already! Ideal fodder for Jeremy Kyle.

JuliaM said...

"Neanderthal man is alive and well & living in Dundee..."

A little thin though.

"He stole a toilet seat? For crying out loud, what resale value is there in a second-hand toilet seat..."

I did wonder that, but then I shrugged and told myself it was Scotland...

"Ideal fodder for Jeremy Kyle."

Yes, his barrister would have been on a hiding to nothing trying to claim an appearance on 'Mastermind' wouldn't he?