Saturday 9 June 2012

The Yanks Are Strange, Very Strange...

Requiring counselling before undergoing abortion = dastardly attack on women's rights over their own bodies:
As with many men, it took a very personal experience to drive home, for me, the notion that laws designed to restrict abortion rights or prevent access to birth control are issues central to the dignity of American women and the preservation of their basic civil and human rights.
Requiring counselling before refusing to let the State pump vaccines galore into your child = a sensible precaution, you anti-State nutter, now do as we tell you!
Nishibayashi said there is plenty of good and accurate science that shows there is no definitive link between vaccines and other problems like autism. The problem, said Nishibayashi, is that because vaccines are generally administered around the time that autism is first diagnosed in children -- the first two years of life -- there is no way to prove to an absolute statistical certainty that the two aren't related.
"That's where all this sort of quackery comes about," said Nishibayashi.


Demetrius said...

Long ago, when autism first really emerged as a condition on its own, as opposed to being simply an aspect of sub-normality it was then assumed to be pyschiatric. As someone who had decisions to make all this seemed dodgy and I formed the view that it might well be essentially neurological perhaps with physiological implications. This made me a lot of enemies and few friends. Having done some Stat's I also had the view that given certain factors there was likely to be a significant increase in the number of children identified and diagnosed. Again, I had few friends. This was before the more extensive and multiple vaccine regime began.

Ian R Thorpe said...

I forget the name of the medical researcher at Manchester University who said to me, "If you torture date long enough it will always tell you what you want to know."

A couple of weeks ago it emerged that the Swedish and Finnish governments which were so keen to compel people by law to get the Swine flu jab have now admitted that Swine Flu was not a very serious illness for most people, the vaccine was only about 50% effective and a lot of people suffered unpleasant and sometimes serious side effects. (follow my link)

Strangely mainstream media did not think the story was worth reporting.

Am I an anti vaccine nut? Actually no, I just made sure my little granson got his measles jab. He will get the others at the same private clinic later.

When I mentioned this on an American web site I use the progressives decided I was a religious nut who wanted to return to the medieval style of prayer based medicine.

More or less the same happened when I posted an item on gender selection abortions. I was denying women their right to choose and pushing for a return to Old Testament paternalism. When I mentioned that most women who wanted an abortion because the foetus was female were probably being coerced I became an anti Muslim racist.

Like you say American 'progressives' are very strange.

Captain Haddock said...

"The Yanks Are Strange, Very Strange..."

You never wrote truer words Julia ..

JuliaM said...

"Again, I had few friends. This was before the more extensive and multiple vaccine regime began."

And Andrew Wakefield's study didn't help. Or rather, the way it was attacked. Still, it did provide the amusing spectacle of the Lancet having to take someone else to task for 'scaremongering'.

My irony meter exploded at that one.

"Strangely mainstream media did not think the story was worth reporting."

They never do. Except in that one small case of whether Blair's kid had been vaccinated or not.