Thursday 7 June 2012

This Is Why We Have A 'Knife Crime' Problem...

A third boy, aged 16, who cannot be named for legal reasons, was acquitted.
Today (June 6) Bangura of Wilmot Close, Camberwll, was locked up for 14 years in a Young Offenders Institute while Walters, of Marchwood Close, Peckham, was sentenced to 8.5 years in a Young Offenders Institute.
They will both have 335 days deducted from their sentence as this has already been served while they waited in custody for their trial.
Walters was also told he will serve half of his sentence and will be released on license.
There really is nothing else to say, is there? Oh, wait. I was wrong:
Kramer told the court the reason for the killing could have been a number of reasons including a rivalry between schools, a revenge attack following the stabbing of Osman Bangora a few days before or even a case of mistaken identity.
We don't seem to know why they did it. We don't seem to care.

And so, we don't seem inclined to do anything much to ensure it's not repeated.


Anonymous said...

Dunno, mate. Fairly stiff sentences by current standards. You wouldn't even get that much for something heinous like not paying your council tax.

Brontosaurus said...

I think you are getting all liberal and wishy washy Julia. We know what is needed. Responsible parenting, effective schools, rules and consequences. After that, effective deterrent sentencing throughout the whole justice system would sort the problem out.
We are very good at having some big expensive inquiry, blaming the police, council, schools Etc. Making dozens of fanciful recommendations but totally failing to hold to account individuals or support those held responsible achieves sweet FA.

Anonymous said... people.

JuliaM said...

"Fairly stiff sentences by current standards."

Sadly, that's very true!

"We know what is needed. Responsible parenting, effective schools, rules and consequences."

At least one out of those would be a start!

" people."

Yes? And?