Saturday 23 June 2012

And Who Taught Him Media Appearances Have Value?

Well, we did, of course…
When contacted by the Croydon Guardian, Alex asked us to pay £1,000 for his story.
He was told we were unable to pay a fee to which he replied: "you can't pay me for a story? then you can go **** mate" before hanging up.
And how did he come by this attitude? Well, we taught it to him:
The boastful yob named as Alex threatened to rob and steal from Bobby Dudani, founder of the global chain Computer Exchange (CeX) who went undercover in New Addington on Monday's episode of the Channel 4 series.
Within minutes, the aggressive serial offender 20-year-old said if he was offered a job he would be good for two months before he would "take your till, take the safe. I will tie you up and leave you at the back and put fags out on you".
Hence the ‘entertainment value’ in having this ghastly, violent little yob presented as a job seeker, rather than a normal jobless youth with a clean record and no attitude problem, who would welcome the chance with open arms.
Struggling to decide how best to help Alex….
I had to stop reading for a bit at that point, because the red mist was beginning to descend…
… who blames his employment failure on a string of previous convictions including violence and robbery
Note that – not on himself, or his obvious inability to control his temper, but on ‘the convictions’. As if they were something that just happened to him, something over which he had no control.

We’ve seen this before, haven’t we?
…Mr Dudani eventually got him a job with Able Clearance Removal, based in the town. He agreed to pay his wages and said he would give him a career, if he was successful in the role for a year.
But six weeks after starting he has been suspended "pending negotiations after a 'disagreement' with another employee in a removal van, the Croydon Guardian has discovered.
I wonder what sort of ‘disagreement’?

But this is the inevitable result of such ‘reality tv’ show appearances, is it not? It picks a person to cosset and reward based on what makes good tv, not on whether they deserve it.

And so it’s not really surprising that it turns out they didn’t.


KevinWard76 said...

"Struggling to decide how best to help Alex…"

Have they not seen 'A Clockwork Orange'?

Anonymous said...

yeah yeah is it, right, ya feel me aight? I is from New Adinton innit!

Robert the Biker said...

How best to help Alex? Bollocks to Alex, it's the people around the little shit need looking after.
A little wager here; Alex will go on until he does something really bad and is either banged up for life, or found floating down the canal.

Furor Teutonicus said...

What happend to the days when the foreman would take th gob shite out round the back of the warehouse and give it a few kick in the bollox and broken nose tips on how one behaves in the work place?

JuliaM said...

"How best to help Alex? Bollocks to Alex, it's the people around the little shit need looking after."

Spot on!

Little lady..... maybe not said...

Robert the Biker has the right idea, and I would go for the second option to save us taxpayers.

However, Furor Teutonicus has a very very acceptable solution, which I think would serve as a good subtitute for Roberts Canal option, followed on by the canal option if the little Ar*e shi*e doesn't catch on.

Furor Teutonicus said...

It was the same "rules" that "taught" younsters how to drink. In the pub after work with the lads, and the foreman making sure wee Johnny did not make a fool of himself, or indeed, his work mates.

Now that is gone, you get the hords of yoboes getting pissed at the sight of a barmaids apron, and making a fool of the whole country.