Friday 22 June 2012

Awwww, It Must Be True Love!

Joseph Coyne, of Doubleday Drive in Heybridge, had been going out with Michaela Jackson for seven weeks and decided to treat her.
Flowers? Chocolates? Romantic dinner for two?

Not exactly:
So at a visit to her parents' house, he walked into her mother's room and stole £1,300 worth of jewellery. He stole a further £1,590 worth of jewellery from Miss Jackson's flatmate Kirsty Brown, and sold his loot to Cash Converters.
Yes, incredibly, this was seen as mitigation...
"He wanted to raise spending money so he could treat her," said Coyne's lawyer Paul Tawn, who said the 22-year-old had moved in with his girlfriend at her flat in Sanderling Gardens, Heybridge, as soon as they began their relationship.
At least Michaela saw the light:
Prosecutor Sarah Otte said that when caught he accepted what he had done and was extremely ashamed and remorseful. He told police he was out of work and needed extra cash.
"He has lost his girlfriend and the respect of people who trusted him," added Mr Tawn.
And as for all those who claim that a convict can't find work, well, it seems they are a forgiving lot, in Essex:
Coyne, a former Plume School pupil, has since found a job doing maintenance work.
Somewhere that doesn't require a CRB check, I guess?


Linda said...

Probably the offspring one of those indulgent mothers who didn't teach him that he is responsible for his own actions -freeing him therefore of any guilt at such selfish behaviour.

JuliaM said...

There's far, far too many of those about...