Saturday, 16 June 2012

It’s Going To Take A Bit More Than Holding Hands & Singing ‘Kumbaya’, Isn’t It?

The family of murdered schoolboy Jimmy Mizen joined forces with Boris Johnson today to call for “100 days of peace” over the Olympic Games.
I can see why Boris got involved. Who wouldn’t ‘call for peace’? Look at the PR opportunity!

But what is this really likely to achieve?
Jimmy’s father Barry Mizen wants young Londoners to stage a series of events over the next 100 days promoting peace.
“There is a lovely feeling in London at the moment around the Jubilee and the Games,” he said.
Is there? These people, it seems, would beg to differ. For them, it seems it’s ‘business as usual’…
His wife, Margaret, added: “If young people feel that they have a stake in their local community they will feel connected to it.
If we are to make our city safer for our children, they need to be apart (sic)of the conversation.”
These ‘young people’ are letting their fists and knives and guns do the talking for them. They don’t want to be a part of the conversation, or a part of the community.

They want to run the community.
As part of that they are working with charity London Citizens to set up a network of “safe havens” around London, where youngsters under threat would be able to seek refuge in shops or businesses.
Not to pour cold water on this great idea, but…well, it’s a little passive, isn’t it?

Rather than provide places of safe haven for the attacked, why not ensure that the attackers feel in need of a place of safe haven?

Why not make them feel under threat, afraid to walk the streets, and forever watching over their shoulders?
The Mayor signed a “peace car” which will travel across London promoting the campaign.
He said: “What the Mizen family and Grace are doing is fantastic. It’s about getting youngsters to help each other.”
How about we, the adults, help the youngsters, Boris?

By ensuring those that attack them go down for many, many years, rather than be given every chance in the book and then a few more just for good measure?

Wouldn’t that do more for ‘peace’ than all the pledges and PR opportunities? It’s immeasurably harder to achieve, yes, but that’s what you get paid for...


Anonymous said...

"youngsters under threat would be able to seek refuge in shops or businesses."

Yup, that'll work won't it. Oh, err...
Three men have been jailed for life for a shooting in a south London shop which left a five-year-old girl paralysed.

banned said...

I grew up in London late 60's early 70's; not in a posh place nor in a poor place, just normal (now gone to sh*t).
There was nothing like the level of violence which the MSM are now obliged to report.

The reality is much, much worse according to various (newly X)-Londoners that I talk to but Boris Johnston will never admit that "Gang related" = "ethnic hatred". Luckily in my day we white boys were considered somehow 'off-limits' and left alone as the Sikhs, Punjabis, Caribbs battered each other. Pity the poor white boys (and raped girls) that we left behind.

Quiet_Man said...

It's the usual sticking plaster rather than a solution to the issue causing the damage solution so favoured by politicians.

Anonymous said...

When I read shite like this I really don't know where to start. I begin spluttering and dribbling with rage reading such utter bollocks. A 'Peace Car'! Christ on a bike!

The poor Mizen family are so deluded but I can only assume they are doing all this nonsense to try and deal with the tragic, senseless loss of their son jimmy.

This is vomit-inducing gesture gibberish. I agree with 'banned' completely. The trouble is, so many people seem to get a kick out of such things and others earn a living out of perpetuating this silly lefty-social worker drivel.

The black community seem especially to enjoy the bizarre kudos of having a murdered son. they get a status.

The best way to set up 'safe havens' is to ensure that wider society is one big safe haven with all the murderous scum banged up for a long and dreary time - fuck talking to them.

Boris really should stop all this crap - but then, like Cameron and the rest of them - he isn't a Conservative / tory anymore - if he or they , ever were.

Tatty said...

Mindblowing insanity when all they can be arsed to do for the victims of stone cold-blooded rapists and murderers is to tell everyone else they have got to learn how to hide better...and the parents of a child slaughtered on the streets in broad daylight think that is a fucking GREAT idea ?!?

What the fucking fuckity fuck do the parents of Jimmy Mizzen think they are doing?!?!

I can only assume they have completely lost their minds and are so overwhelmed with grief they are clinging to anything anyone says that sounds even vaguely like sympathy.

When politicians and the justice system managed to publicly and politely shit all over the likes of Helen Newlove et al precedents were set.

Anonymous said...

My goodness me you all have a lot of growing up to do losing a child to violent crime Is pretty much the worst thing that can happen to you, It affects the whole community BUT you can either do something to try to help or you can wollow In self pity. The mizens are a very ordinary family who are choosing to try to bring change instead of talking a load of rubbish.....think about IT

Tatty said...

Anonymous - With respect...It helps no one at all for grinning shits of politicians to hide behind grieving families sniggering as to just how much they have managed to get away with screwing them ...and us...over. Or for those grieving families to seemingly quite happily let them do it.

On the one hand you have families like the Newloves and the Mizens (I spelt the name wrong first time I apologise) who have inexplicably been sucked into the lies, spin and propaganda...and on the other you have the likes of all those involved with organisations such as Families For Justice who say "No, fuck that", refuse to accept platitudes and keep fighting for REAL change to our laws and proper enforcement.

You need to grow up and think about THAT. Don't get so lost in the emotion that you cannot even begin to think twice about precisely what it is these people are wishing on us all, including you.

The simple fact is that teaching kids that criminals own the streets and to run and hide... when they have a perfect right to walk the streets without fear and/or expect that Justice will be just absolute bollocks that no one should accept for any reason.

JuliaM said...

"Yup, that'll work won't it. Oh, err..."

Exactly! The old concept of 'sanctuary' worked when people were rather different than today's mob.

"The reality is much, much worse according to various (newly X)-Londoners that I talk to..."

Indeed. There are places I used to go for an evening out that I'd never venture into now.

"...but then, like Cameron and the rest of them - he isn't a Conservative / tory anymore .."

Nail. Head.

"... you can either do something to try to help or you can wollow In self pity...."

Anon, I'll point you to what Tatty has said. This is pointless fluff, and it will do the square root of f*** all for the existing problem.

Anonymous said...

A 'Peace Car' when a 'Police Car' would have been a better message.

And no mention of the elephant.

Anonymous said...

Boris might as well 'sign' a teenage boy's crusty underbed sock, both as a statement of what is being done to us and for being equally useful as deploying a 'peace' car.

Brontosaurus said...

For once Julia, I agree with you entirely.
I am exasperated by these idiotic ideas. Hundreds of hours are going to be wasted setting up 'safe haven' shops and business premises. When you are being chased by a gang of knife wielding thugs, of course you will be looking out for that sign on the door that says they are members of 'gang safe,' or some such other drivel.
The police have got sucked into this liberal bollocks too. But I don't blame the police, I blame our useless liberal justice system. Its lack of consequences and lack of effectiveness ensures that bad kids don't reform and just get sucked further and further into criminality.
The justice system has given up protecting us. They can no longer cope. We now have to just try and protect ourselves and hope for the best.
I could go on but there is a police blogger who put up a post recently about this that explains it quite well. You can read it here.

Anonymous said...

I must ask BoJo to remind me why, as a shop owner, I'd want to provide a refuge for someone hotly pursued by a gang of tooled-up natives ?

Dr Cromarty said...

I must ask BoJo to remind me why, as a shop owner, I'd want to provide a refuge for someone hotly pursued by a gang of tooled-up natives ?

Thing is, they are unlikely to be natives, if you know what i mean....

Anonymous said...

Oh Happy day's

JuliaM said...

"The police have got sucked into this liberal bollocks too."

Quite! It's like the endless PR drivel about 'not leaving windows open' and 'not displaying jewellery or phones in public'.

NO! Make the burglars and muggers feel self-concious, not the poor bloody taxpayer!

Robert the Biker said...

Would work perfectly, IF the 'safe havens'are staffed by former SAS men with some serious weaponry about them.
Like those Roach Motels you can buy:
Roaches check in
They DONT check out!