Saturday 2 June 2012

I Rather Like The Values They Are Teaching…

Two schoolboys who shaved their heads for charity were slung into isolation when they turned up to school.
Billy Howard and Joe Moon, both 15, were also told they would be kept in at breaks and lunchtimes until their hair grows back.
Outrage! It’s against their ‘uman rights, I tell you! The school should be ashamed of themselves!
They got permission from the school beforehand, and were even sponsored by headteacher Dr Sophina Asong.
Even worse! Incompetent school! They must have failed to make a record of…

Oh. Hang on.
However, they claim to have misunderstood the shortest their haircut could be was shaved on a number two setting – an eighth of an inch shorter than the school allows.
Cancel the petition! Return the Outrage! Bus to the Depot…
Billy’s mum, Sally, 45, said: “We’re angry. It’s such a shame the boys were put in isolation for the day. They will be in for all breaks until it grows out, even though Dr Asong sponsored the boys.
Apparently, only a number three is allowed and they had a number two.
“We are so proud of the boys and they should not be hidden away as they did it for such a good cause.”
So, if you do something for a good cause, you can flout the rules everyone else is expected to follow?

Interesting attitude…
In a letter sent to the school, Billy’s dad, Gary, 45, expressed disappointment at the decision and asked what values the school was teaching.
Why, it seems they are teaching the value that if you have a verbal or written agreement, you should honour the terms.

Sounds like a good idea to me!
Gable Hall headteacher Dr Sophina Asong said: “The school’s support for St Luke’s Hospice and the service it provides to our community is whole hearted.
“The decision by two students to raise sponsorship by shaving their heads was approved by the school, provided it conformed to the school behaviour code.
“On the day the students came into school with their heads shaved, they admitted to staff they had knowingly flouted the code and it is for this reason that they ended up being taught in isolation.”
Well said! It’s nice to see the school aren’t backing down in the face of the parents’ attempts to get their mugs in the newspaper to force a u-turn...


David Duff said...

Flog 'em, I say!

But what I really wanted to recommend to your male readers is the advantage of the 'No.2 all over'. Throughout my life I have been irritated by the time wasted sitting in barbers' chairs having to endure their eye-stabbingly tedious monologues on matters about which I care nothing. Then I discovered 'No 2 all over'! I'm in and out, done and dusted, in 51 secs flat. True, I look like an old lag just released from the Scrubs but at least people cross the road to avoid me so that's an advantage, too!

Alas, I can't recommend it for the ladies.

Anonymous said...

No.2 all over? Outrageous, Sir. Prior to this unisex nonsense, I recall a more dignified era.

Macheath said...

A bit of common sense needed on teh aprt of the parents, surely?

A group of boys at my son's school recently shaved their heads for charity; by prior arrangement, it was done on the last day of term before the Easter holidays, ensuring sufficient regrowth by the time they returned in mid-April.

Thie meant no confrontations with staff and no media interest....ah, I see!

Anonymous said...

Ever since my 'central parting' became wide enough for my hand to fit over it, I have gone for a No 2 (in summer) and No 3 (in winter, so my head doesn't become too cold!). The problem is with me wearing my Union Flag T-shirts this weekend, I fear I now look like a BNP recruting Sgt!

Furor Teutonicus said...

What is all this bollocks about rules on hair length any way?

They are there to be fucking TAUGHT, NOT as an exercise in follicular discipline.

JuliaM said...

"Alas, I can't recommend it for the ladies."


"Thie meant no confrontations with staff and no media interest....ah, I see!"

Spot on, I suspect!

"They are there to be fucking TAUGHT, NOT as an exercise in follicular discipline."

In most schools, it's an anti-gang thing, I'm lead to believe.