Friday 28 September 2012

An Easy Mistake To Make…

…after all, in Thames View, it’d be a surprise to find he wasn’t on ADHD medication!
Georgina Walczyk, aged 26, said her son Alfie was mistakenly handed medication to treat attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) at Thames View Junior School.
The outraged mother said he was offered the drugs meant for another pupil who shares his first name, on September 5.
Great! Even the teachers can’t read! Luckily, this child, at least, can:
Luckily, the young boy spotted that the ADHD medicine was not his and refused to take it.
The incident is now being investigated, but Ms Walczyk has already stopped her son from returning to the school. Ms Walczyk, 26, of Barking, Essex, said: ‘I don’t feel my child is safe there at all.’
Well, of course you don’t! It is only this incident, I assume?

Ms Walczyk, an accommodation officer, also insisted that her son was denied a proper school meal in January.
She said Alfie had his lunch taken away from him after staff noticed that the top-up card he was using to pay for meals did not have enough cash on it.
And whose fault is that, then?
Ms Walczyk said he was instead offered an ‘emergency meal’ of two Jacob’s crackers, a Dairylea cheese triangle and a glass of water.
So they didn’t leave him to starve?
A Barking and Dagenham Council spokesman said: ‘The matter regarding an attempt to give Alfie medication that was not prescribed for him is under investigation and we are unable to comment further at this time.’
He added: ‘In regards to the meal, the matter of handling debt is one for school governors. ‘However, the local authority recommends that children, as a minimum, are given a packed lunch.
‘Our local authority policy clearly states that we do not want children to go hungry but any parental debt has to be paid up. There seems to be a difference of opinion between mum and the school about how this was handled.’
That’s one way of putting it. And a lot more diplomatic than I’d have been.


MTG said...

This was not 'An Easy Mistake To Make'.

Mrs Walczyk's account has to be doubted for a number of reasons. That is not to say her account is untrue but then I am interrupting the morning wails from your minaret with a presumption that what remains unstated has any value.

David Gillies said...

Sounds like a pretty simple mix-up. After all, it's not like Walczyk is an unusual name, is it?

JuliaM said...

"Sounds like a pretty simple mix-up. After all, it's not like Walczyk is an unusual name, is it?"

Ah, once upon a time, maybe. No longer in this part of Barking and Dagenham! I'd bet it's now more common than 'Smith'.