Tuesday 25 September 2012


A man was hit over the head with a baseball bat when three men broke into a house in York Road, Southend.
The attackers were also carrying a claw hammer and stole various items from the property.
The first attacker is described as a white man in his mid 20s, slim, about 5ft 4 tall, the second was a black man in his twenties about 6ft tall, medium build and was wearing a baseball cap.
The third suspect is described as a black man, about 5ft 11 tall, in his twenties medium build.
Seems there’s a lot of it going about!
Police are urging witnesses to come forward after the aggravated burglary in Fairfax Drive, Westcliff , at about 5pm on Saturday, September 22.
An Essex Police spokesman said a woman in her twenties was at home with her young children when three men ran across the back garden and into the house.
He said: “Two of the men had knives and demanded money. They searched the house and the woman ran out of the door and called police. Nothing was taken and the men made off.”
The first suspect is described as a black man, stocky, aged mid to late 20s, about 6ft tall with a beard and wearing dark clothing.
The second man is described as black, skinny, aged mid to late 20s and in dark clothing.
The third is a black man, skinny, aged mid to late 20s and also wore dark clothing.

Oh. In case you’re wondering what the police response is to the gangs of armed burglars demanding money with menaces on their patch, well, they’re too busy conducting (failed!) operations to find drugs in Southend nightclubs

* Men Of Surprisingly Detailed And Uncannily Familiar Appearance


Anonymous said...

The Plebs in Blue probably got overtimes so I wouldn't say they necessarily came away empty-handed. They made out better than the MOSDAUFA gangs - pfft, amateurs!

MTG said...

A direct result of prolonged inactivity, the current outbreak of 'plebitis' has caused a sudden drop in nightclub attendances and left many city radiators unmanned.

Bill said...

I would have thought if you searched all the occupants of any nightclub you would find some drugs. I'm not sure why you'd bother though...

Anonymous said...

I can't see what your point is here Julia.Are you saying that had the police not raided the nightclub they would have caught the burglars?
The stories don't seem to be linked,or are you having yet another pointless dig at us?
As for the drugs raid,these things sometimes work,sometimes they don't.I have been on a few and I can guarantee the floor would have been covered in discarded drugs.It also sends a message to clubbers and the licencees that they could be next so it might act as a deterrent.
PS Congrats Melvin on getting the words pleb and radiator in the same sentence.Very creative.

Anonymous said...

Gosh, even the eyesight standards for plod are virtually non-existent.

Anonymous said...

I was being sarcastic anonymous above.I know exactly what she is saying-how dare the police raid a nightclub when there's burglary's afoot!
I read the link.These crimes are very unusual and the criminals are taking a great risk doing these aggravated burglaries at "random" as they attract serious sentences.I wonder if there's more to this than meets the eye? Keep a watch on these stories Julia as it's your manor.

Anonymous said...

Simple rules for plural and singular could only confuse a simple-being, Jaded.

Anonymous said...

I spot a Melvingram,do I win £5?

Anonymous said...

'Burglaries' is firmly imprinted on the minds of real police, Jaded. Related to Inspector Winter, perchance?

Andy said...

So who got hit with the bat?

Anonymous said...

Judging by Melv's witterings, I would suggest it was him, on the back of the head, repeatedly!

Anonymous said...

Black people again....

MTG said...

Good morning, Penise.

A capacity to fly over plod heads is the least measure of worthwhile comment.

Anonymous said...

Melvin, I throw in the odd spelling mistake for your amusement.I'm sure you have nothing else going on in your life-perchance.
Jaded the pleb.

Anonymous said...

Innumerable teats hanging from the public purse suckle the likes of you, Jaded. Yet whatever form your parasitism takes, you are not plod.

Anonymous said...

York Road and that area is very black these days. It's changed incredibly since I was a kid living near by.

JuliaM said...

"I'm not sure why you'd bother though..."


"The stories don't seem to be linked,or are you having yet another pointless dig at us?"

It's hardly pointless, is it? It speaks to the priorities of the police in this so-called time of 'savage front line cuts'...

There may well be more to it, and I'll certainly keep an eye out.

" It's changed incredibly since I was a kid living near by."

Sadly true, like so many formerly-nice places these days.