Tuesday 18 September 2012

Spot The Missing News!

Google 'Duggan' over at the 'Guardian' and all you get is this.

I guess they haven't caught up yet:
A loaded handgun was given to Mark Duggan 15 minutes before he was shot dead by police in Tottenham last year, a court has heard.
Details emerged as the prosecution opened its case against Kevin Hutchinson-Foster, 30, who denies a charge of supplying the gun.
Things don't look so good for the Left's baby seal (™ DumbJon), eh?

Never mind - maybe they can fetishise this one, instead? Maybe play the disability up for all it's worth?


Anonymous said...

The Beeb described the death of Mark Duggan as tragic, however it was the death of a career criminal who did not contribute to society but was a drain on it. Bit of a result really. (Happy smiley face emoticon).


Tatty said...

From the linked article at the beeb - "Two female police officers have died during a "routine" call-out which led to the arrest of a man wanted by Greater Manchester Police.

There was a 25 grand bounty on the head of a man who was wanted in connection with two seperate incidents of gun and grenade attacks.

What precisely was "routine" in sending out two unarmed and **female police officers out to this particular call ??

Horriby sexist of me I know but females as, even only potential targets for armed gunmen ??

Seriously, what the fuck ??

RIP ladies, you did your gender so very proud.

John Pickworth said...


I'm usually critical of the police, however, the news now is that the two WPCs in Manchester were lured to a 'reported' burglary at the property. It would be regular for unarmed officers to attend such a call. Sadly, in this case the wanted individual was laying in wait.

Anonymous said...

It's probably best to wait until all the facts are established. It appears from the press conference that the two officers were set up. There appeared to be a call made to report a burglary at the premises. Nothing out of the ordinary there, it's not like NI where calls to police in certain areas are treated circumspectly just in case they are a come on, in the absence of the Crystal Ball it seems that this was a routine response to an everyday incident. The two officers attended and were ambushed. There does not appear to be anything to link Cregan to this address. I am sure Cregan and his ilk will be seen as heroes in quite a few circles. I suggest those of you who are going off on one wait until the full story emerges (probably in late 2013 or early 2014 when he goes to trial).

Tatty said...

John and Anon - Yes, and thanks, you're quite right. I nipped in 'ere before dashing out for last-minute shopping. Hadn't heard much about it and it's been a hellova day.

Back home now and just seen a bit more of the story on the news on tv and nipped back in to retract what I said.

I take it all back bar the last sentence and admittance I'm sexist. *shameface*

Anonymous said...

I'm sure all the rioting scum will be popping down to JD sports and Currys and returning all the goods they stole now will they?

WPC Jilted said...

yeah but jaded but souperintedant adams wos nickin makeup too chek on asda security but lossed the stuff just wen she wos abouwt too put em back on shelfs innit

Woman on a Raft said...

Meanwhile over in Peterborough, police are trying to get oysters to open up as to why three men have been shot at a gypsy caravan site.

A car was towed way, peppered with gunshot suggesting that somebody outside had been shooting at somebody inside, with a variety of interesting possibilities. One man with 'leg wounds' was found in the caravan and two wounded men in the car according to paramedics, but given the complexity of gypsy caravan sites the obvious geometry might not be the correct one.

The BBC was told by one of the residents of the site it was "a grudge attack". Surely there aren't all that many other things it can be?

banned said...

""Certainly it would appear to be that he has deliberately done this in an act of absolutely cold-blooded murder."

Sub Judice?

JuliaM said...

"Horriby sexist of me I know but females..."

No feminist I, but I've been rather irked by the constant description of them in the media as 'two female police officers'. What should their sex matter?

"It's probably best to wait until all the facts are established. "

Given the speed at which charges have been brought, it appears he confessed.

But it's odd - they weren't close to catching him, so why do this? Absent him being a total psychopath, of course.

"...as to why three men have been shot at a gypsy caravan site. "

It's their culture, innit? Life on the road, hedgehogs in clay & stolen Purdey 12 bores...

"Sub Judice?"

I wouldn't have thought so. What else could it have been?

Hogdayafternoon said...

What should their sex matter? You're correct Julia, it shouldn't and it doesn't.

Maybe a nice media link from the last big headlines of a Royal sunbather?

Tatty said...

"What should their sex matter ?"

Colour me cynical ...(you can, it's not racist - yet)...but it's almost as if they're saying "you wanted Equality, you got it and this is where it gets you".

Some might call it a sophisticated form of neuro-linguistic programming but I call it "sly" and, for once, the word "inappropriate" is appropriate.

SadButMadLad said...

The Gaurdain seems to have caught up soon after you posted.