Thursday 20 September 2012

Not Just Lax With Dangerous Humans….

…our useless, not-fit-for-purpose justice system is constantly giving second chances to dogs as well:
A dog facing possible destruction for savaging a policewoman has been given a stay of execution by a court.
Yes, you’ll be astonished to hear this is the case of the out-of-control animals from Whitleigh, yet again
Ali Rafati, for Dre's owner Paula Libbey, told Plymouth Crown Court the dog had been making progress since being taken into the care of the Doris Banham Trust.
I see he’s using the same excuses as he’d use for his human clients! It’s a wonder he didn’t throw in a bit of doggy PTSD for good measure…
Mr Rafati asked for a final order on the dog be put off a final time for three months to assess its progress. David Bowen, for the Crown Prosecution Service, did not oppose the application.
Judge Cottle adjourned the case until December 7.
Just cut everyone’s losses, give up on a totally pointless endeavour and put the unwanted, useless creature down for the sake of society.

Oh, and the dog’ll have to go, too…


Anonymous said...

Making progress? That will be the anger management classes and social worker follow up, won't it? Why limit state support to humans?

JuliaM said...

Don't give them ideas! ;)