Saturday 8 September 2012

How Dare You Fight Back!

Property landlord Hansell, aged 50, said today: "They are lovely dogs. They would never harm a human being and have never attacked any other dogs.
"To be honest, they are 12 years old now. You take them out and by the time they are walking back they're on their last legs.
"The other dog's got a few scratches. But it is not unusual for dogs to fight if they're off their lead."
But when those two dogs are rottweilers the consequences can be dreadful. So I can understand why the police are pushing for a destruction order, ‘soft family pets’ or not.

Of course, if this had been the Essex Police Farce, they might just have mistaken them for wolves...
It is understood Posh and Becks – which are kept as guard dogs….

Hang on! Which is it? Elderly and arthritic but loveable pooches or four-legged manstoppers?
escaped through an open garden gate and then attacked a charcoal-coloured dog in the morning of April 22.
Nice of them to give us the colour, but not the breed of dog they attacked…

In the comments, someone purporting to be the owner’s partner pops up to excuse the beasts:
by doglover5
“In response to all comments.Firstly, the dogs are exercised, they are 12 yrs old , which equates to 80 odd yrs, so therefore they are not lively,and are obviously shattered after short walks, so that is nothing to do with lack of exercise......Secondly the incident happened as a result of a visitor not shutting the 12ft x 15ft double gates, which have now been securely padlocked. The dogs are not in any way a danger to children, they have been bought up with 3 children, and 2 grandchildren and have never shown an nastyness towards children,. The report failed to explain that the neighbours dog was securely behind a 8ft high double gate with a small gap of 5 inches at the bottom. THis is where posh and becks allegedly attacked !!! How can a rottweilers head fit in a gap so small??? The dogs were provoked by a wheelie bin yielding man, who rather than walk away and get his dog in, decided to keep ramming the bin into the poor dogs.As for the need for guard dogs in Talke......the property is an 8 bedroomed, substantially valued property which has had 4 break ins in the past. In response to Storms concern for the other dog, he is absolutely fine, we arranged an out of hrs vetinary nurse to check over immediately after the incident. To consider killing 2 faithful, old family pets is cruel.”
Well, listen up, lady. It’s his garden, his property, and his pet – so whining that he decided he wasn’t going to take the risk and was instead going to fight off your admittedly at-large and out of control hounds is chutzpah of the most breathtaking type!

Meanwhile, down under, the same sort of attitude prevails:
Two Martinborough vineyard owners are fighting an order to keep their dog muzzled in public after its attack on a postie.
OK, fight the order, lose, and the pooch gets the needle. How’s that sound?
Yesterday Mrs Bull told an appeal hearing the dog had been whipped into a "frenzy" by the postie's attempts to shield himself with his bicycle.
The cheek of the man! He should have just stood there passively and been savaged…


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XX attacked a charcoal-coloured dog in the morning of April 22.XX


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