Tuesday 25 September 2012

I Guess ‘The Knowledge’ Is Something Quite Different In Hull..?

Mr Bowes had been out in the city centre with his sister Judith and her husband Tony when they got into a black cab from a rank in Ferensway.
He said the driver became confused about where he was going close to Mr Bowes's home off Anlaby Road, west Hull.
"My sister was supposed to be going to Market Weighton after I had been dropped off," said Mr Bowes.
"He didn't know where he was going and kept asking us for directions. We couldn't understand him very well, so my sister decided to get out with me and get her son to pick her up.
"She told him we all wanted to get out because he didn't seem to know where he was going. We got out and, as Tony was about to pay him, the driver got out of the car and hit me across the neck with a metal bar.
"I fell to the ground. I can't remember much after that."
He was lucky to survive. Even luckier not to be paralysed. If this isn’t attempted murder I don’t know what i..

Oh. Hang on. It isn’t even GBH.

It isn’t even ABH!
The taxi driver, Pishtiwan Hamed, has admitted unlawfully wounding Mr Bowes and is due to be sentenced next month.
*sigh* The CPS picking low-hanging fruit only, again?
Mr Bowes said he believes taxi drivers should undergo stricter tests before being licensed by Hull City Council.
"There should be better vetting for taxi drivers before they allowed to have a black cab," he said.
"This man didn't know his way around, he couldn't understand us very well and he had a metal bar in his taxi. "
As we’ve seen from other news stories, that seems almost as de riguer for a certain type of taxi driver as the old chestnut of the bale of hay to feed the horse…
Keith Fenner, Hull City Council's licensing manager, said: "Mr Hamed does not currently have a taxi driver licence as it was suspended pending the conclusion of the prosecution.
"We can confirm Mr Hamed has not applied for it to be renewed for the current year."
I bet if he did, it’d probably go through on the nod, eh?


Anonymous said...

I went to college in 'ull and Anlaby Road is like 1 of 3 main thoroughfares - the law of bloody averages would get you there after 5 minutes. Hmm...

This guy's a bloody menace and the licensing dept should be shut down. Ooohhh, angry.

Anonymous said...

Amazed that Pishtiwan Hamed did not play the race card to escape with a caution. Normally, there are no flies on our Asian taxi-drivers.

They keep free of them by smearing the passenger seats with family excrement...and believe me, there's no shortage of it up here.

Dr Cromarty said...

I suppose one must be thankful for small mercies. At least he isn't grooming and raping young white girls. See that report yesterday in the media? Thought not. High winds and flooding, Plebgate and a white teacher running off with a 15yo girl made the headlines.

Google 'Rotherham grooming cover up' and see what emerges

Anonymous said...

I know i'm only a pleb but I think you will find that unlawful wounding is GBH.That's near the top of the assault offences.

Ben said...

Unlawful Wounding is a common-law offence which overlaps all the way from ABH to attempted murder. The characteristic is the drawing of blood, rather than the extent of harm. So a bruise can be ABH, but extreme bruising over the whole body would be GBH, but neither would be wounding. Whereas a cut lib is unlawful wounding, as is a stab to the heart.

JuliaM said...

"..the law of bloody averages would get you there after 5 minutes."

Shame it was too early for him to blame iOS6!

"Amazed that Pishtiwan Hamed did not play the race card to escape with a caution."

Maybe he did, and it didn't work?

"Google 'Rotherham grooming cover up' and see what emerges"

Oh, indeed! :/

"Whereas a cut lib is unlawful wounding, as is a stab to the heart."

Mind boggling!