Sunday 23 September 2012

I Guess They Don’t Know It From Shinola..?

The Old Broad Street offices of Malleson Stephens Jaques was cleared as Scotland Yard’s a Chemical, Biological, Radioactive, Nuclear unit was called in.
The alert was sounded after lawyer Lisa Hirsowitz opened an envelope at her office and a grey powder fell out.
Oh noes! What could it be?
But it turned out to be a £700 cheque from her former landlady covered in puppy’s excrement, the court was told.
Powder? Either she needs to take her puppy to the vet STAT, or that letter had been kicking around the postal system for a hell of a long time!
“When I spoke to police they told me that as I was in an office block we had to turn off the air conditioning, which a colleague did.“
I thought it was specifically fans you had to watch when in contact with that stuff, not air-con in general?
Yanina Heuberger, 53, had sent the cheque to her former tenant Ms Hirsowitz after losing a case in the small claims courts.
Ah! The penny drops…
Heuberger allegedly kicked Detective Constable Giles Cunningham in the groin when she was arrested at her home in February.
She has pleaded not guilty to harassment without violence and assaulting a constable in the execution of duty.
The trial continues.
I can’t wait!


Macheath said...

'I can’t wait!'

Sometimes there just isn't enough popcorn in the world...

MTG said...

Choosing a lawyer for a tenant was a decision ranking about ten on the insanity scale. Not quite on par with sending a 'dirty' bomb in the post.

Farenheit211 said...

If the offended party has sent a mutilated copy of the qu'ran to a Muslim then who knows what she could have been charged with. I agree with MTG, picking a Lawyer as a tenant is a pretty foolish thing to do.

Anonymous said...

Heuberger? Hirsowitz? More to this than meets the eye, methinks

JuliaM said...

"Sometimes there just isn't enough popcorn in the world..."


"Heuberger? Hirsowitz? More to this than meets the eye, methinks"

It's going to be an interesting trial!