Tuesday 11 September 2012

All The Hallmarks Of A Very Common Incident, I Think You'll Find...

Insp Paul Sullivan of the Morley Neighbourhood Policing Team said both parties had been spoken with and both claimed the other’s dog displayed signs of aggression.
He said: “This case had all the hallmarks of an isolated incident.
“While recognising this can be distressing for individuals concerned, in these minor cases we utilise some common sense and discuss the issues with both owners to help prevent this happening again.”
Really? It seems to happen with monotonous regularity.

Oh, wait. Maybe you meant it was an isolated incident because

a) It wasn't a staffie or a pitbull this time, and
b) the dog survived?

But back to Sullivan:
He added: “I should like to point out that reckless owners who walk their dogs and pose a significant risk to the public will be dealt with under the provisions of the dangerous dogs act.
“The act specifically puts control measures around breeds of dogs, however any dog dangerously out of control in a public area could render the owner liable to prosecution and dog 
Well, it could, yes. It's unlikely though, as Klaus's owner points out:
“We told the police but they said they can’t do anything unless they have the owner’s address and even then probably can’t do anything.”
Is it mean of me to hope that one day, they decide to pay a house call to one of the owners and find Fido is just as happy to sink his teeth into them?


Tatty said...

"and even then probably can’t do anything.

Yet that's not their decision to make so you quote the relevant law you're entitled to have upheld and insist they go and investigate and find out for sure !

Really, how complicated does this need to be ?

JuliaM said...

Far too many people are conditioned to believe 'The police must know, the law's their job!'...

Anonymous said...

Far too many people are conditioned to think everything has to end up as a court case. A dispute can be resolved without matters going to court.

You castigate the police for taking matters to court you think shouldn't, like racism, but feel outraged over minor dog incidents. Ok.

JuliaM said...

A 'minor dog incident'? You mean, like when that pitbull savaged a cyclist in Stratford and the police couldn't be arsed to pursue it?

Tell me, how'd that one turn out for them later on, hmm..?