Tuesday 23 August 2011

Calisthenics On The Village Green, Serfs. Now!

Two new outdoor gyms have opened in Tamworth in a bid to tackle the borough's rising obesity problem.
You have to be kidding me!
The gyms, which cost a total of £14,000 to install, follow in the success of the outdoor gym in the Castle Grounds, which has been open for a year and attracts about 400 users per week.
And are those 400 the ‘obese’ residents that the council are seemingly concerned about, or are they people who would otherwise be exercising some other way, if this were not available?
Councillor Steve Claymore, cabinet member for economic development and enterprise, said helping people to keep healthy was a top priority.
Really, Steve? Then I guess Tamworth must be a paradise, then; no potholes in the road, no litter, no broken drains, no closed shops…

I think I’ll have to move there!


Ranter said...

I know Gravesend could do with one! Well, only the white population side of things if you get me?

Quaggy Duck said...

There are indeed plenty of chubsters, waddlers and podgers in Gravesend.

One day they'll all end up in the lowest-lying part of town by the estuary, trapped like spiders in a bath.

Anonymous said...

Compared with some (most?) of the discretionary spending, outdoor gyms at £7000 each seem almost sensible.

If they're anything like the facilities in my area, they look pretty vandal proof as well.

Captain Haddock said...

"Councillor Steve Claymore" ..

Bet he's a mine full of useless information ..

And I doubt there's much chance of ever getting him to "Face the enemy" ..

In fact he sounds like a bit of a "chopper" to me .. ;)

David Gillies said...

Haddock thou art worthy. That was top notch.

JuliaM said...

"I know Gravesend could do with one!"

Indeed! I know Gravesend well.

"If they're anything like the facilities in my area, they look pretty vandal proof as well."

Well, now you've issued a challenge!

"Bet he's a mine full of useless information .. "


English Viking said...

'Tamworth and 'Paradise' in the same sentence?

I think you're confusing 'Paradise' with 'Chav-ridden, wanna-be gangsta, drug-riddled shit-hole', but I may be wrong.

Captain Haddock said...

@ David Gilles ..

Eye theng yew .. I'm here all week .. ;)