Saturday, 20 August 2011


Suspected terrorists are complaining about a fence around the exercise yard in their high-security prison which restricts their view of the horizon.

The alleged extremists are locked up while the Government tries to remove them from the country.

But the inmates have complained the limited view is damaging their eyesight, a prison inspection report revealed.
Ha ha! Good luck with that, you…

And astonishingly, inspectors accepted their complaints, criticising the cladding put around the edge of the exercise yard because it stops the men seeing into the distance.
*bangs head repeatedly on desk*
Some months ago, prison bosses offered to allow them to join activities involving paedophiles and rapists who are isolated from the rest of the prison for their own protection.

But this was rejected because the terror suspects feared they would be ‘stigmatised’ by being seen with the sex offenders.
Say what? The prison authorities offered to let these terrorist suspects (most of whom I’d bet my bottom dollar are radical Muslims) the chance to mingle with paedophiles and rapists? Are they insane?
Chief Inspector of Prisons Nick Hardwick said: ‘While detainees’ treatment and conditions were satisfactory in some respects, too little attention was paid to their uniquely isolated and uncertain position.’
Since most of them are playing out the system – no doubt on legal aid – it’s their own damn fault if they’re in there too long!

Sympathy: *not found*


Anonymous said...

What happened to presumed innocence?

Captain Haddock said...

Don't like the way we run UK Prisons ?

Simple answer .. Piss-off back home & never darken our shores again ..

I can't help thinking that banging one's head on the deck, five times a day doesn't exactly help the eyesight either ..

And Nick Hardwick richly deserves a "get-a-grip-on-reality" kick in the bollocks (if only someone could find his)..

SBC said...

"And the difference between muslims and 'paedophiles and rapists", is WHAT exactly?"

That being a muslim or a paedophile isn't, in itself, a criminal offence....yet, whereas rape is?

Barnacle Bill said...

I don't recall hearing the Yanks having any such problems with their visitors in Gitmo?
Perhaps we should bring their approach to prisons over here - for the whole lot of 'em!

SBC said...

"What happened to presumed innocence?"

Oh that nice Mr Blair got rid of that years ago...for our own good of course.

KenS said...

@SBC - That being a ... paedophile isn't, in itself, a criminal offence....yet, whereas rape is?

Comparing apples and oranges there I think.

SBC said...

"Comparing apples and oranges there I think."

Both of which are, I think, fruit. Rape is a crime, being a paedophile isn't.

Saying 'paedophile = sex offender' is as nonsensical as saying. 'rapist =heterosexual' or 'muslim=terrorist'


Shouldn't we do just as they say?

JuliaM said...

"What happened to presumed innocence?"

We're not seeking to try these people, just get rid of them!

"Don't like the way we run UK Prisons ?

Simple answer .. Piss-off back home..."