Sunday 21 August 2011

Dotti By Name, Dotty By Nature…

A London public relations executive has told of her pride when she discovered her daughter had superglued herself to a window in Topshop.
Wow! Just imagine how empty and shallow your life and aspirations for your children must be, if that’s a source of pride?

You’re not doing much to dispel the stereotype of PR executives, Dotti…
Dotti Irving, 61, of Chiswick, has rejected the increasing pressure on parents to condemn their children's alleged criminality after the London riots.
And just what was little Miss PR Executive’s daughter doing?
Tess Riley, 26, was protesting against tax-avoidance by Topshop's owner, billionaire retailer Sir Philip Green. After spending the night in police cells, she was charged with criminal damage and faces trial next month.
Dotti thinks this is ‘protest’. I wonder how she’d feel if someone was to superglue themselves to her desk?
Today Ms Irving, founder of PR agency Colman Getty told the Standard: "I am proud of Tess. I don't want her to have a criminal record but I fully support her in what she did. The right to protest is one of the cornerstones of our society."
Yes, it is. The right to commit criminal damage, however…
Ms Riley said: "Many of us take direct action because we have little faith that environmental and social injustices are being addressed adequately by those in power."

Yet many of you take ‘direct action’ (i.e. smash other people’s property and prevent them going about their lawful business) because you’re shallow, spoiled little brats who get caught up in the nihilistic thrill of property damage because, all your life, there’s been no consequences, and you expect that situation to always continue.

I know where I’m placing my bets…


Freeway said...

"Many of us take direct action because we have little faith that environmental and social injustices"

Dear lady, let us examine the injustice.

First of all you are indeed free to protest, to read and disseminate what you think good, able to join political parties (even those of doubtful parentage) without let or hinderance, to conserve water and energy where you will in you life. You are well-fed, secure, protected by people you may not wish to normally associate with but who will stand shoulder-to-shoulder to preserve your rights, and you have been freely educated (though perhaps not as much as would benefit the world) and along the way you may embrace any religion (including ones which dislike women and dogs) or even declare yourself faithless or agnostic.

You have choices and opportunities unparalleled in the history of mankind.

Yet you do not have the freedom to be a prat.

Please, lady, think carefully therefore before opening your mouth in future, lest we think you are a turd incapable of rational thought.

microdave said...

"The article you have requested is unavailable"

I wonder why?

Maybe Dotti Irving was secretly hoping her daughter would remain stuck to the window...

Anonymous said...

So "Tax Avoidance" is morally wrong? I do not smoke and thus "avoid" tobacco duty (a tax) does this mean that these imbeciles will be glueing themselves to my windows? In one respect I must respectfully disagree with Freeway, in our society you do heve the freedom to be a prat it is just that some people really abuse the freedom to do so. Still I would have left the idiot glued to the window. Freedom is not always nice you know!

Ringmer said...

I'd like to know why none of these unemployable Ab-Fab types has ever glued themselves to the Guardian offices ?

Angry Exile said...

I quite like the idea protestors supergluing themselves to things. It's like a modern version of the stocks except that they put themselves in it, and anyone lucky enough to have a superglued protestor stuck to their property could make something of it by setting up a small stall to sell the eggs. I'd suggest they invest in their own superglue supplies just in case the protestor has been a bit tight with it and left themselves half a chance of escape.

Ian B said...

It's worth Googling Dotti just to see the level of upper class hypocrisy on display here.

David Gillies said...

There's this new idea, promulgated loudly and incontinently, as it happens, by Britain's Chief Prat, Richard Murphy, that there exist two things: 1) the level of taxation laid down by Parliament and by statutory authority (AKA 'the letter of the law') and 2) something else entirely (this latter gleaned, presumably, under the influence either of powerful psychotropic substances, which wear off, or deep stupidity, which doesn't) implying, further, somehow, by a philosophical doctrine far too abstruse for me to follow and which is not explicitly vouchsafed to us - it basically seems to involve the Holy Sacrament of the Prophet Richard Murphy [sal Allahu Allahi wa salam] Repeatedly Grabbing the Wrong End of the Stick - that we obtain a a number which is the level of taxation some entity ought to be paying, as blessed by R. Murphy (SAW). We are left with the situation where (2) takes on the character of a transubstantiated Host. Under this doctrine, if (1) is less than (2) then you are a criminal.

I know, it all sounds crazier than a big bag full of crazy things, but that's yer Tax Justice campaigners for you.

Captain Haddock said...

" ... because all your life, there’s been no consequences, and you expect that situation to always continue" ...

There, you see Dotti ?

You should have nipped it in the bud, when she started licking the insides of the School Bus windows ..

Anonymous said...

I don't see the problem. If some idiot protester superglues themself to a window then just leave them there. The smell won't last long and the sight of the mummified body hanging there will discourage the others.

Anonymous said...

I disagree with your tone on this one AP - though grant you might be right. We should all be protesting the lack of real democracy. The German protests against the Nazis were pretty daft and low key. I doubt we have any democracy left beyond protest these days. Who will be there to stand up for you when the time comes?

Rob said...

A PR executive, truly a working class hero. Also, not one of these chumps understands the difference between tax avoidance and tax evasion.

I'd lay a decent sum that Dotty has brought back a car-full of booze back from France before - tax avoidance.

MTG said...

I would rather see their mettle than have reason to fear our brightest are servile to corrupt authority because an easier life beckons by being part of it.

RAB said...

Entry in Debrett's eh Ian? Say no more!

I think that UK Uncut are a paid for militant front for the Inland Revenue myself. What sort of woosy wannabe Rebel talks about supporting the State rather than smashing it?

Wadda we want? MORE TAXES! Wadda they going to spend them on? Don't know! But the man In Whitehall knows best!


JuliaM said...

"You have choices and opportunities unparalleled in the history of mankind."

Indeed. That's what's so damn galling!

"I wonder why? "

Odd, looks like someone pulled the story.

"So "Tax Avoidance" is morally wrong? "

As David Gillies points out, some people even get confused between this and tax evasion, and believe them both to be illegal!

" Who will be there to stand up for you when the time comes?"

Well, ACO, I wouldn't put my faith much in the Dotti and Daughter's of this world to stand up for the things we all believing in.

Would you?

Anonymous said...

Why not just leave her there?

At some point she is going to get thirsty, hungry, tired need a bathroom etc

After 48 hours of this I reckon she would be pretty keen to be released.