Tuesday 30 August 2011

Quote Of The Month

MacHeath on the renewed push to declare salt The Most Dangerous Subject In The Universe:
"There's a handy article explaining exactly how to cut down on salt particularly if you are elderly (it stops just short of a section on how to extract the nourishment from eggs) and finishes with the coup de grace - a video entitled 'Say No to Salt'."


sbc said...

Huh? I thought that T-Word was the most dangerous substance in the known universe?

Even just writing out the T-Word causes 16th hand cancer. FACT!

Anonymous said...

ive always ben a little botherd by this salt thing and calorie diets as a former soilder i was given massive salt tabs too take in the jungle and massive calorie foods in the artic im now 49 still smoke take exercise and drink 8 cans a night score top marks on all nhs and private tests blood pressure fab bmi fab heart fab am i misssing something or am i heading for a train wreck

JuliaM said...

I don't think you're missing something, but I DO think that a diet high in calories and salt probably isn't a good thing if, instead of romping through the jungle or the frozen tundra, you're sitting at a desk behind a PC.

That said, tell people that, and leave it up to them.

Macheath said...

Belated thanks for the link!