Wednesday 17 August 2011

If The Woods Are Good Enough For Bears….

Travellers camping illegally on a nature reserve have claimed their human rights are being ignored because council officials have failed to provide them with toilets.
Yeeeeees, I think the clue is in the word ‘illegal’.
After residents complained that the travellers had been using woodland and bushes as toilets a spokesman for the group said: 'If we were from a different culture toilets would have been provided.

'We pay tax and insurance on our cars and we have a right to be recognised. Our basic human rights are being ignored.'
Ahh, the age-old cry of the entitled – ‘It’s my right, gimmie!’.

It’s not like they need the toilets anyway, nor do they need to foul the environment like animals, as an angry resident points out:
One 60-year-old home owner living near the site, who refused to be named for fear of retribution from the travellers, said: 'There has been criminal damage done, fires started and rubbish thrown all over the area.

'The council should put a barrier up to stop them but they don't.

'Their luxury caravans all have chemical toilets anyway so to claim the council should provide them with facilities is ludicrous.'
Ah, but you see, if they use their own toilets, they have to clean them. If they use someone else’s toilet (or defecate in the woods like animals), that someone else has to clean them.

They aren’t stupid. They’re just parasites. And for far, far too long, that attitude has been fostered by the usual suspects:
'The current council administration seem to be sending out the message that travellers are welcome in Brighton from anywhere so in they come.'
Well, yes. Though not always. It seems to depend on just where they go in Brighton.


Curmudgeon said...

"We pay tax and insurance on our cars"


Rose Lee said...

Please tell me that the council has given them leaflets to advise the Gyppos to beware of nettle stings and brambles when they squat.

Health and Safety demands they are fully informed as to the perils of just dropping your pants in wild places. I mean we don't want NHS resources being stretched when they have to dab cream on sore botties, right?

SBC said...

@ Rose Lee, Don't worry dear, I'm sure the council has handed out multi-language leaflets warning of such dangers.

Can you imagine the compensation claims if they didn't?!

....not to mention the possible future mitigation: "M'Lud, my client is filled with remorse for his actions but he suffers from Post Traumatic Stress after a stinging nettle attack several years ago- to his intimate regions- and has been unfit to work since."

Angry Exile said...

Like Curmudgeon, I read that and though "That'll be a fucking first."

Captain Haddock said...

I'd far sooner they went to Brighton than end up anywhere near where I live ..

Sunny Brighton .. famous for Poofters & Pikeys ... ;)

blueknight said...

They are up on Devils Dyke Road and Moulescombe Wild Park.
Just imagine the game of Victim hood Poker that could be played if if they had camped out on the 'Pride' site.
It could also be fun if they tried to double book Madeira Drive during the Ace Cafe Reunion. A couple of thousand angry hairy bikers....

James Higham said...

has said looters should be shown compassion.

Chris Sims, chief constable of West Midlands Police, said that rioters in Birmingham had led difficult and 'tragic' lives


JuliaM said...


Indeed! :)

"I'd far sooner they went to Brighton than end up anywhere near where I live .."

Oh, there is that, indeed.

"Just imagine the game of Victim hood Poker that could be played if if they had camped out on the 'Pride' site."



My thoughts exactly!