Friday 12 August 2011

Comin’ Over Here, Takin’ Our Riotin’ Opportunities…

Looters were ferried into Croydon by minibus to cause destruction, we can reveal.

In an interview with Acting Borough Commander Jo Oakley, it emerged gangs of rioters were bused in, reportedly by gang leaders.
Another nail in the coffin of ‘It was all due to deprivation and poverty in their communities’…

Still, it wasn’t all bad news:
Trevor Ellis, is 26, of Brixton Hill, and is believed to have come to Croydon to take part in the lawlessness which saw large parts of Croydon looted and destroyed by fire.

Police think the man had travelled to the Croydon area earlier on Monday 8 August in the company of a group of friends.
To keep his appointment in Sammara, perhaps.


Anonymous said...

"To keep his appointment in Sammara, perhaps."

A grim and astute connection, Julia.

Mrs Erdleigh said...

The comments on that story are worth reading too. There seems to be a certain amount of schadenfreude going on about a previous spat.

Anonymous said...

Gang leaders ?

Surely 'community leaders' ?

Rob said...

It's going to take a monumental effort of brainwashing, credulity and plain honest lying by the Left to triumph with the "poverty and racism" meme in the months ahead.

I think they are up for it.

Rob said...

Doing the riots the locals won't do

Bobo said...

The scary thing is the co-ordination and the mobility involved. Concentrate your forces (your homiez in da mini-busses and on da BMX's) at the weak points in the enemy's defences (ie. anywhere 'da fedz' aren't). Your mobile elements are now ranging at will behind enemy lines. Pure Blitzkrieg theory (apart from the Stukas; but give them time, give them time). By Gad, have these chaps read Guderian and Rommel?

The other military playbook here,of course,is guerilla warfare: nip out of cover, take a potshot at the enemy (or a TV from Rumbelows)then melt back into the mass of sympathetic citizenry. Any reprisals the enemy takes against 'da communitee' only brings more recruits into your ranks.

"The guerilla moves through the people like a fish through water."-Mao Tse Tung

"How well does a fish move through a fucking desert?" - Bobo.

SBC said...

Bloody bunch of Daily Fail reading xenophobes here.

"Immigrating Rioters" (the CORRECT term is 'Transient Community Supplementation) DO NOT cost us our 'riotin' opportunities! They bring in much needed new skills, diversity and actually create more viable vandalism opportunities.

Captain Haddock said...

From what I can make out .. these incidents have not been a total loss ..

Feral,benefit or drug-dependent Scum .. 0

Ordinary, decent, taxpaying people .. 2

Every cloud .. eh ? .... ;)

CJ Nerd said...

Apparently there were Irish looters too. I heard a load of them broke into Argos and stole hundreds of catalogues.

Anonymous said...

Huddersfield police station was broken into last night and looters stole every Satnav.

Police are now looking for Leeds.

JuliaM said...

"The comments on that story are worth reading too. "

Oh, they always are!

"I think they are up for it."

They clearly do as well.

"The scary thing is the co-ordination and the mobility involved. "

Not learned in school, but on the streets? From co-operative computer gaming?

"Apparently there were Irish looters too. I heard a load of them broke into Argos and stole hundreds of catalogues."


Anonymous said...

Osborne claims that tolerance of looting rather than giving into police demands, could significantly ease the National debt.

Chuckles said...

They were only trying to get to Luton.