Saturday, 3 September 2011

Church Leaders, Out Of Touch?

Surely not!
An angry rector has condemned Colchester MP Bob Russell for using what he described as “vile and offensive” language.
Really? What did he say, then?
The Rev Neil Richardson says he was shocked when the MP described rioters as a*******s in a letter to a national newspaper.
Oh, OK, I can fill in the blanks with the best of ‘em. The word’s clearly ‘arseholes’.

Not the worst thing he could have said, but it seems it’s not so much what he said, as the fact that he was derogatory about them at all.
“I was horrified to read a Member of Parliament using such offensive language, so I wrote to him to express my concerns,” Mr Richardson said.

“The use of such a vile and offensive term to describe your fellow human beings, whatever wrongs they may have committed, is disgusting, disgraceful and, above all, shows a total lack of professional skill.”
Hey, Rev, he could have called them ‘c**ts’ and still been right on the money, as far as most people are concerned!

And most people are heartily sick of seeing that weasel phrase, 'expressing my concerns', which so often is prog-speak for 'showing you proles how compassionate and anti-judgemental I am'...

Bob isn’t backing down, to his credit:
Mr Russell said the rector’s complaint was the only one he had received over the letter.

He added: “The Rev Richardson is entitled to his opinion, but I am sure the people who lost their businesses and homes do not have much respect for those who did not respect their property.

He comes across as the Private Eye character, the Reverend Flannel.
Indeed. As do these two:
Bishop of Chelmsford Stephen Cottrell and Catholic Bishop of Brentwood Thomas McMahon, went to Dale Farm near Basildon on a pastoral visit.
*rolls eyes heavenwards*
Bishop Cottrell said: "I am here with Bishop McMahon to show solidarity and care for a very distressed and frightened community.

"We are also asking the powers that be to think again because sweeping up this community and evicting its people is not going to solve anything.

"They will be pushed somewhere else and they do not know where that will be."
Well, both the CoE and the RC have a lot of land, don’t they? Why not shelter them, if you’re so concerned that it’s the ‘Christian thing to do’..?

Or, do you want the lead to stay on your church roofs, perhaps?


Captain Haddock said...

Someone ought to tell the "raving" Rev that everyone has an arsehole .. even Jesus had one .. and he sometimes talked bollocks out of it .. like "Turn the other cheek" .. ;)

And as for the Catholics .. when the Pope leans out of that window in the Vatican & waves his arm around, as if he's blessing the crowd ..

He's really signalling to any pikeys, who might be considering setting up camp, "You can take those bloody tents down and fuck off .. sharpish" .. :)

Slapper said...

Opinions are like arseholes; everyone has one.

PS: 'Turn the other cheek' was actually an insult. In case the Captain wants to know, it was a suggestion that when a slave owner went to hit a slave across the face, the slave turned the other cheek and so obliged the brutal owner hit the slave with the palm of his hand. As in fact a girl would slap someone in an effete way, rather than use the more vicious (and presumably manly) back of the hand.

Anonymous said...

Trust a priest to be concerned about arseholes.

Gallovidian said...

Churches have loads of land and loads of money. Let them spend it for the poor.

Or, like celebs at telethons, is giving their time more valuable?

Anonymous said...

Why do I see the word "Rector" and always think it reads "Rectum"?

Quick Draw McGraw said...

Just heard that MP Bob Russell has sent a letter back to the good Reverend. It says simply, 'F**k off you f***ing p**k. I'll call rioters anything I want. Better turn your attention back to getting the numbers back up in your church. You sanctimonious t**t!'.

Ranter said...

Great comments from the newspaper's readers, none support the 'Rev'. No wonder the established Church is losing it's flock, F***ing idiots the lot of them!

Make, Do & Mend said...

I think perhaps the point the rev was trying to make is that for an MP to make such comments is distasteful and unprofessional. People in power, like MPs should not make knee jerk comments but should offer more considered analysis about such situations...

Captain Haddock said...

@ Slapper ..

Fair enough & thanks for that interpretation ..

However, the full range of interpretations be found here ..

Captain Haddock said...

As "Quick Draw" & "Ranter" have said .. perhaps clergymen & women of all stripes would be more gainfully employed in putting their own "houses" in order first, before spouting about what others say ..

Have they learned nothing from Beckett ?

Anonymous said...

When did the CofE throw in the towel and just become another branch of leftist reighteousness?

Anyone surprised their church is dying on its arse?

English Viking said...

For goodness sake.

I consider myself Christian, in every sense of the word.

These morons are part of the reason that people think that Christians are weak willed, lilly livered, sandal wearing tambourine bashers.

Excommunicate them. Utter muppets.

Anonymous said...

FWIW, I was recently asked to support a fund raising event for the local church.

My polite refusal didn't include what I really thought.

English Viking (and others) sum up the truth.

JuliaM said...

"Or, like celebs at telethons, is giving their time more valuable?"

They are certainly never out of the limelight, if they can help it...

" People in power, like MPs should not make knee jerk comments..."

Are MPs 'in power'? Or only with regard to what few issues the EU has left them...?

"These morons are part of the reason that people think that Christians are weak willed, lilly livered, sandal wearing tambourine bashers."


Twenty_Rothmans said...

These morons are part of the reason that people think that Christians are weak willed, lilly livered, sandal wearing tambourine bashers.
Clap clap clap clap clap.

Shave off their stupid Green Party beards while you're at it.

Russell's choice of an epithet may simply expose his being inarticulate, or 'twunts' failing the spellchecker.