Saturday 27 October 2012

Finally, We Reach The Limit Of Judge Hagen’s Patience…

…or do we?
A judge who tried to help a prolific offender jailed her for 12 months, saying she had reached "the end of the line".
It’s a pretty long line, with this particular judge, though.
Sundee Spaulding admitted to Judge Carol Hagen she had "messed up", after pleading guilty to failing to attend court and breaching a community order by shoplifting.
The homeless 25-year-old told the judge: "I wanted to apologise. You did give me so many chances. I did mess up and the only option now is custody. I think that is the best option. I did mess up. I know you don't care that I messed up. I'm sorry for letting you down."
Oh, give it up! It’s not going to work, and even Caring Carol has realised she can’t string this out any longer.

Though clearly, she’d like to:
Judge Hagen said she did care Spaulding had not complied with the court, and said she hoped she could go on to lead a decent life.
She said: "This was a combination of factors. I do understand, but I have no option today. It is the end of the line. I hope the future is not without hope."
So, in other words, if she’d have been given any leeway at all, this habitual criminal would again be walking free?


John Pickworth said...

I think we're all afraid to post in case we get let off with a warning...

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