Thursday 4 October 2012

A National Police Air Service? It’d Be Nice To Get A National Police Service

So, ACPO drone Alex Marshall cannot stop salivating at the though of getting his hand on some hi-tech new toys, because it’s sooooo important that the police have a ‘national air service’ to replace each force going it alone:
The national air service will have 26 helicopters running from 23 bases across the country. It amounts to a cut in the number of police helicopters, with seven bases closing… Mr Marshall said: "Artificial boundaries have meant that helicopters are restricted to operating within their own force area or consortia.
"A truly national, borderless service will ensure effective coverage of urban and rural areas."
That’s nice, but how about we have a truly national police service first? You know, one that takes the same action on issues and a force 20 miles away, or 200 miles away?
The owner of a dog that mauled a puppy to death on Tuesday is “devastated” for its owner and her family.
Oh, really? I can’t see why. He ought to be used to it:
It has since emerged that the dog killed another puppy in similar circumstances at the same park in November.
What a conscientious dog owner this must be, eh?
The Staffie’s owner, a man who only gave his name as Dale
Yeah. We get the picture.
… told the Times Series that the latest attack has left him feeling physically sick. He said: “I’m absolutely devastated. It makes me sick just talking about it. He’s not a vicious dog – I don’t know what to do with him. If he constantly went after other dogs then fine, but he doesn’t.
“He just picked it up in his mouth, he didn’t really attack it. He chases squirrels and rats and I think he must have thought she was a squirrel.”
What did he think the other puppy was, the last time your hellbeast mauled one? And I know what you should do with him..
“We’ve had him for four years and he’s like a family member. I don’t know what to do, my girlfriend is devastated.
“It wasn’t like he ripped it to pieces, he picked it up in its mouth but he’s obviously so strong – it wasn’t a vicious attack.”
Clearly, it doesn’t have to be. Why are we hearing about a second attack, when action should have been taken after the first?
Police are powerless to prosecute the owners of dogs that attack other animals...
More on this later, but, frankly, it isn’t true.
Dale is adamant he will be keeping his own dog on a lead in future, and admitted he has not let him out of the house since the latest attack.
He said: “If he’s lucky enough to get out of the house he will certainly be muzzled and on a leash. It has made me physically ill and it’s killing my girlfriend.
“It was unfortunate but it will never happen again. There’s a stereotype with these dogs – I get looks all the time.
“I take full responsibility as he’s my dig (sic) but he really isn’t a vicious animal.”
What ‘responsibility’ are you taking?

None that I can see. None mentioned by the newspaper.

You still have the killer dog (but you swear you won’t let it out, and we all believe you, right?) and the two bereft owners have no puppy.

And meanwhile, in Derbyshire, their police force doesn’t seem to have got the message that they are ‘powerless’ at all:
A Killamarsh mum must pay compensation after a court heard how her dogs broke free and attacked two others. Clare Smith was walking two dogs on leads in Green Lane when they were set upon by an American bulldog and two Alsatian dogs which ran from a garden.
Yes, court. See how that works, Barnet Police?
Andrea Charity, prosecuting, told Chesterfield magistrates that some men came out of a pub to help.
Yes, prosecuting. Getting the message now, Barnet Police?
Julie Memmory, 49, of Green Lane, Killamarsh, admitted being the owner of a dog that was dangerously out of control on March 2.
She was given a two-year conditional discharge and ordered to pay £402 compensation for veterinary treatment, with £85 costs.
What has ‘Dale’ been ordered to pay to the devastated owners of the two slaughtered puppies?

Oh, right. Nothing.

Well, let’s hope Barnet Police never have cause to call at chez Dale one day. They might be mistaken for harmless, toothless pooches…

Update: Well, well, well. Just a day after I drafted this, lo and behold! The effect of the oxygen of bad publicity on lazy cops has done its work:
Police are powerless to prosecute for dog-on-dog attacks but Barnet Police is now looking into the matter as Ruby’s owner Esther was allegedly in fear of her own safety.
Officers confirmed today the matter was being investigated under the Dangerous Dogs Act.
The owner of the dog is being sought on suspicion of owning a dangerous dog that was out of control in a public place.
Shouldn’t be too hard to find him. How many ‘Dale’s’ own killer Staffies in Barnet, and have given interviews to the local rag?

Or do I really not want the answer to that question?


Green Lane Passer-by said...

Oooh, I used to live in Killasquash. Former mining village, but I don't remember semi-wild dogs, though that was a couple of decades ago before people discovered the lure of the blood-dripping fang, as it were.

Now though we haz a colour telly, we haz free money, we haz facebook, we haz crazy dogs. We is happy!

MTG said...

West Yorkshire Police have already constructed a massive hanger at Bradford. This will accommodate surveillance equipment, armed drones and most of the incendiaries for Estate policing.

Pigs might fly before the assurance of huge cost savings will be met...but let's give it a go. What could possibly go wrong?

Anonymous said...

Oh how witty Oscar...errrm...Mtg. I wish I'd said that.


Sometimes The British Police Service like to prove their newer front line officers are the victims of poor training and have been told NOT to use their traditional discretion or indeed common sense.

Fuckwits like you MTG just lap it up.

Anonymous said...

Overdose of mourning coffee, anon?
Calm yourself.

jaded said...

Perhaps Melvin one of these drone aircraft will have a lawnmower detector on it?

Bill said...

While I agree dog laws need to be looked at (and applied with more consistency), I`m a firm believer in the police using discretion and discretion leads to inconsistency.

Noggin the Nog said...

How long will it be before plod demands that all their aircraft are routinely armed?

MTG said...

@ jaded
"Perhaps Melvin one of these drone aircraft will have a lawnmower detector on it?

Sadly, a standard feature of drones when the next government introduces the Lawnmower Licences and Grass Cutting (Financial Provisions) Act.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...
Overdose of mourning coffee, anon?
Calm yourself.

Oh MTG I see what you did sophisticated, so....droll! You must have been to university and got one of them there degrees - you are obviously soooooo clever.

Been tasered today? No? Mores the pity!

Anonymous said...

...and The Nogster is back with a sadly predictable cuntish comment......

MTG said...

@ anon 23:17, 23:17 & 19:05

You require no citizen assistance in bringing the reputation of police into disrepute. More astonishing is your determination to undermine prospects of routine arming.
Who among your colleagues would trust the likes of you standing behind them with a loaded firearm?

Anonymous said...

MTG what are you on about? Shouldn't you be getting anxious about your carers turning up today? Not everyone who disagrees with you or finds you hugely irritating is a police officer/employee etc. Bought another lawnmower yet or are you going tow ait for the spring?

MTG said...

"Bought another lawnmower yet or are you going tow ait for the spring?"

I may ait.

JuliaM said...

"Now though we haz a colour telly, we haz free money, we haz facebook, we haz crazy dogs. We is happy!"

Spot on!

"...and have been told NOT to use their traditional discretion or indeed common sense."

GAH! Idiots!

"... I`m a firm believer in the police using discretion and discretion leads to inconsistency."

And 'strict liability' leads to idiocies too. It can't be beyond the wit of man to find a sane path through the minefield, surely?