Wednesday 17 October 2012

I’m Nothing Short Of Astounded* The RSPCA Hasn’t Stopped This….

Another stray horse has been killed in a road accident in York, as City of York Council works up delayed proposals to tackle the problem of tethered horses.
Yes, unbelievable as it may be, it’s still dragging on and on and on
The incident is the fourth known collision so far this year involving vehicles and horses which have been tethered on verges or nearby land and then escaped and strayed into the road.
No-one, of course, is recording the near misses! And why the delay?
The Press reported in August that City of York Council was proposing to bid for cash from the Government’s £12 million Traveller Pitch Fund to help pay for an expansion of York travellers’ sites, which would also lead to action to tackle the horse problem.
Ah. Yes. Well, clearly, more travellers will help the situation. Somehow.
Steve Waddington, assistant director for housing and community safety, said yesterday: “It is always distressing to hear of an incident between a horse and car and we are sorry to hear of another.
“It should be remembered that the issue of tethered horses is one that affects many local authorities and we are developing a policy which builds on lessons learned from other councils and tailoring our approach to this city’s needs.”
Blah, blah, blah. And while you dither, people are at risk.
He said the policy would be presented to members this year and said he hoped the Government money bid for could provide some grazing land.
Since when has the answer to people doing illegal things been to give them free access to the legal thing? Are we going to provide shoplifters with council-owned supermarkets? Joyriders with access to council vehicles?
Independent councillor Mark Warters said the latest incident deepened his concerns about the time it was taking to resolve the issue.
Well, really, Mark, when there are far more headline-grabbing issues to worry about? You won’t go far with that sort of sensible attitude…

But what puzzles me** about this whole affair is why the famously-caring RSPCA hasn’t leaped into the fray? They aren't so reticent in other, genuinely accidental, issues:
Grandmother Claire Pritchard from Mandale Road, West Howe, said: "I think generally the RSPCA do a great job but they will persecute and harass you if they think you have done wrong.
"I couldn't believe they prosecuted me. When their guy came to take a statement from me I was shocked at the way he spoke to me."
I can’t believe they prosecuted you, and not the owners of these horses, either. Maybe they are short of staff?
"The RSPCA have visited me twice since the court case to check my other animals."
Hmmm, clearly not, then…
The RSPCA has defended its decision to prosecute, saying the case was a warning to other people. Inspector Graham Hammond said: “She had the use of the People’s Dispensary for Sick Animals which is a free service but chose not to use it.
This cat needlessly died because she administered a substance that is poisonous to cats.”
And horses are needlessly dying up in York. What are you doing about that?

And if the answer’s ‘Nothing’, why not?

* may be sarcasm
** yep, almost certainly sarcasm


Anonymous said...


Because a traveller will just tell the RSPCA inspector to go forth and multiply and not take the slighest bit of notice. Possibly using actual violence. Also it would then be an attack on their 'culture' not a useful culture like yoghurt. However we all know this, just ship the buggers back to Ireland, preferrably using an islamist crew and torpedo the bloody thing halfway across.

MTG said...

The suggestion that York Council takes no action in respect of travellers, is unreasonable.

Regular strikes aside, traffic wardens are employed in such numbers as to literally fight among themselves in settling who was first to see your car arrive at the meter.

Woman on a Raft said...

Part of the problem is obliquely addressed in the comments. "Pete" describes a horse as half a ton of on-the-hoof dogfood - which it is - and there ensues umpteen posts decrying this joke as they just can't stand the idea that not everyone is sentimental about animals.

The council and police can find the powers to confiscate the animals, destroying them if necessary, but in addition to the belligerence of the travellers, the irresponsibility of those who regard all cultures as equally valid when some of them are clearly degraded, the council would also be facing the fury of the horse-fanciers who are perhaps the worst of the lot, projecting their personal problems on to stray animals.


P.S. what MTG said. I think I was defrauded last week by one jogging the car until the parking slip fell off the dashboard. At any rate, it was mysteriously on the floor when I know I checked the car before I walked off to make sure it was displayed properly.

I advise having a dob of blu-tack handy now to make sure it stays stuck well-down on the dash. I'm toying with setting up a hidden camera to try to catch them at it.

Anonymous said...

Cars and horses don't mix. You're lucky to survive hitting a horse - they come straight thru the windscreen. The police know this, but still won't do anything that might 'offend' gypsies. And who cares if people die.

Only yesterday...
Police appeal to horse owners as man and two horses killed in Ripponden road collision

JuliaM said...

"Because a traveller will just tell the RSPCA inspector to go forth and multiply and not take the slighest bit of notice. "

Spot on!

"...and there ensues umpteen posts decrying this joke as they just can't stand the idea that not everyone is sentimental about animals. "

Well, indeed. Though watch this space. The Europeans are still pretty keen on horse meat (which I've had in France and Belgium, it was pretty nice).

"Only yesterday..."

Good grief!

Weekend Yachtsman said...

"The RSPCA has defended its decision to prosecute..."

Erm, the RSPCA makes that decision now?

Has anyone told Keir Starmer?

Anonymous said...

Add one more car written off and one more dead horse with no owner