Tuesday 16 October 2012

I Said “Play ‘Misty’ For Me! Or Else!”

A woman has been arrested on suspicion of causing £1,000 damage to a DJ’s decks.... because he wouldn’t play her song.
She is alleged to have lost her rag at Papillion, in Marine Parade, Southend, after persistently asking for her favourite tune.
Then, as Colin Jones, began to pack up his DJ equipment for the night she is alleged to have poured beer all over it.
Only in Southend… *sigh*
Mr Jones, 34, said she had kept coming up to him saying “Are you going to play my song” but he didn’t have it. He said: “It was one of the new songs that hadn’t come out in the charts yet so I couldn’t get hold of it. She just kept telling me it was on You Tube.
“Then as I started packing up the pub she walked over and poured beer all over my equipment.”
He is now planning to get her banned from all pubs and clubs in Southend with a BoBB (Behave or Be Banned) order.
I think Clint had a, ummm, more permanent solution to this problem…

Still, it’s nice to see social media in the spotlight for a helpful reason, for a change:
He also reported the matter to police, who had been trying to track her down since it happened on June 3. But then Mr Jones’ pal spotted her at a party where pictures were being taken by a professional photographer, and put on to Facebook.
They gave the information to police, who tracked the suspect down and arrested her on suspicion of criminal damage.
Let’s hear it for Facebook, eh?


Bit Rate said...

Ah yes, first world problem. Actually, first technology-world problem.

It was on YouTube (but then, isn't everything now?) so the man was bound to have it.

And what better response to any issue than to pour beer on it all?

Sandra said...

e's gotta fackin' lib-err-tee cummin dahn 'ere an not avvion the one bleeedin record I wonted to hear an 'e karnt get on yoo-chube? Wot a karnt! I should've glarsd 'im - then e goes skweelin to the five-O - karnt!

Furor Teutonicus said...

XX pictures were being taken by a professional photographer, and put on to Facebook. XX

WTF! proffessional pühotographer, and he loads onto facefuck? Do me a favour!

JuliaM said...

"Ah yes, first world problem. Actually, first technology-world problem."

And I suspect alcohol (or other substances) played their part!

James Higham said...

Just love that expression - only in Southend.