Wednesday 3 October 2012

I Thought That Oxford Street Guy With The ‘Anti-Protein’ Board Died..?

I didn’t realise he’d gone into politics in Lincolnshire:
Fresh calls have been made to reintroduce compulsory cookery lessons into schools in Lincolnshire.
Release the loons!
Following a presentation to Lincolnshire county councillors on the issue, Independent member Chris Brewis said: "I think incidents of parents taking their children into fast food outlets should be treated as a form of child abuse".
"We, as a council, need to tell these parents they are killing their children."
Really? Well, don’t let anything stand in your way! You go, Chris!

And it’s not just fast food, oh no. The enemy is everywhere, everywhere!
"Between 70 and 90 per cent of antisocial behaviour in schools is linked to diet. Another big problem is "the use of energy drinks". They go against "the body's wish to rest". We need to be "more direct" with our message."
You could get a sandwich board & march up and down outside schools..?
Christine Talbot, "chairman for the health scrutiny committee" at Lincolnshire County Council believes domestic science should be "reintroduced".
The subject was scrapped during the Thatcher era in favour of "food technology", which focuses more on the processes used to create foods such as frozen pizzas, rather than how to cook.
Mrs Talbot said: "A lot of money is being expended on this issue and "I am not sure the results are representing that"."
Somehow, I just knew it’d all be Thatcher’s fault…
"Domestic science should be introduced back into schools and the national curriculum."
"We need to "teach children from an early age" how to cook proper food once again.
"We need to "educate the children on nutrition". They need to know about protein, fat content "and more"."
Shouldn’t you concentrate on teaching them to read? That way, they can read the labels that are stuck on just about everything these days and find out for themselves!

And it seems to have dawned on you that your methods so far aren’t working, yet the only response is to…triple the application of the methods?
""Just forcing people to exercise is no good". From the figures it appears "children are weighed in reception, then eat loads before getting weighed again".
I propose there is "a weigh-day in the middle of that"."

It is, however, seemingly a popular idea with parents:
Parent of two and boxing trainer Wayne Casement, from Lincoln, said: "There are "too many fast food outlets".
Parents "can't be bothered" to cook proper meals and that passes down to the children.
"Other parents are "too busy". We live in "a fast-paced world now" and it's the way life is.
"It isn't right on the children".
Children should be treated from time to time of course - but not every night.
"Teaching domestic science in schools is "a good idea"."
Teaching domestic science was a good idea. I fondly remember making meals that were then carted home to be eaten by my parents (or possibly given to the dog when my back was turned). But can anyone imagine how such a topic would be handled now?
A Department for Education spokesperson said: "We know that "a healthy attitude towards food", developed early, is "critical" to the health, well-being and good educational attainment of young people.
"It is mandatory for primary schools to teach food technology. We are looking at the role food and cooking plays in schools and "how this can help get our children eating well"."
‘Our’ children..?


When are we going to stop giving a platform to these nasty little control freaks?


JohnM said...

If I recall correctly

Cookery became Domestic Science some time before 1979. Teacher driven if recall correctly. Why be a dustman when you can be a sanitation engineer!

However the subject was still overwhelmingly taken by girls and so Food Tech was an attempt to widen the remit sufficiently to engage boys. One again an education establishment initiative.

Robert the Biker said...

I remember Stanley Green, he once told me (cinema queue in Leicester Square)that I should be less lustfull. My response that my girlfriend (who was with me) quite liked me being lustfull made the crowd quite happy.

Demetrius said...

Teaching kids DS is shutting the door when the horse has bolted. The problem is the numbers of parents and grandparents now who themselves are on fast/packaged foods and have limited cooking or nutritional knowledge. It started going to pot in the early 1980's.

Demetrius said...

BTW, Domestic Science was around by the 1950's and there were a number of good specialist colleges. For some obscure reason, however, their graduates tended to marry early.

staybryte said...

I saw Stanley Green on the tube once when I lived near him in West London, about a year before he died. He sat opposite me and stared at me most of the way to Oxford Circus.

Quite unsettling actually, but not as much as making him head of some ghastly committee. What did CS Lewis say again about the tyranny of the well-meaning?

Louise said...

If you want your brats to eat well:

It's sub titled 'Government Instruction Leaflets'


Bill said...

It isn't really an educational issue as much as people like stuffing their faces. Its their life let them get on with it.

Farenheit211 said...

The fact that there are still loons like this in local government tells me that there have not been enough cuts.

Red Bull said...

I like energy drinks. The streets are littered with empty, cast-off high energy drink cans and bottles.

Yet oddly, there are still a lot of sluggish dullards out there. Can't work it out myself...

Loki said...

Elf n Safety would never allow it!!

Sharp knives, hot ovens, naked flames, bacteria. Most of the lesson would be spent filling out risk assessment form. Most kids are to f*cking stupid to be left alone with any of the above to start with!!

Oh, we could see some novel examples of Darwinism if we let some of the little cherubs loose in the kitchen!

blueknight said...

'a weigh-day'
That was Jimmy Saville's railway advert

blueknight said...
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Tatty said...

Loki - " Oh, we could see some novel examples of Darwinism if we let some of the little cherubs loose in the kitchen! my little cherub slicing up his own thumb pretty badly with a potato peeler and ending up in the local walk-in clinic for a couple of stitches.

He's left-handed, y'see, but for the fact he cut himself I blame no-one but myself for not having shown him how to use that particular implement.

We (including the offspring) peel potatoes with short, very sharp knives at home. A potato peeler is a foreign object in a (majority)left-handed household where I'm the only right-handed one.

Far be it from me to scream "discrimination" but maybe the teachers should at least check if there's a few "lefties" when planning lessons.

JuliaM said...

"Why be a dustman when you can be a sanitation engineer!"

Good point!

" The problem is the numbers of parents and grandparents now who themselves are on fast/packaged foods...."

Quite so. Maybe that explains the popularity of 'The Great British Bake Off'? It's seeing the unfamiliar?

" What did CS Lewis say again about the tyranny of the well-meaning?"

He was right! Though I'm not so sure there's anything well meaning about Chris. I think it's a bit more 'dog in the manger'.

Maybe his wife has put him on a diet?

Farenheit211 said...

More waste of taxpayers money over at Coventry Refugee and Migrant Centre.

7 new posts being advertised.

So where are these bloody cuts then?