Wednesday 24 October 2012

What Should ‘Respect’ Be Doing In A Court Of Law Anyway?

Either you can prove the accusation, or you can’t:
Lawyers for the women said they felt the women's testimony had not been respected during the trial.
It’s not about ‘respect’, it’s about proof!
The women's minister, Najat Vallaud-Belkacem, said the case had shown that better education on sex and sexuality was needed in schools.
Oh. Yeah. That’ll fix everything.
The women were hailed by their lawyers for their bravery in speaking out against a "culture of silence" surrounding sexual violence against girls on estates.
Not once in this entire story is the elephant in the room ever mentioned…


Ljh said...

Maybe the perpetratorscaren't really peace-loving as previously thought?

Robert the Biker said...

The perps certainly aren't scared of what passes for justice in France.
Perhaps some masked men with ropes and axe handles would concentrate their minds.

Tatty said...

From the 2nd linked article: Hollande's visit sparked painful memories of Sarkozy's 2010 reaction to three nights of violent clashes between police and armed rioters in the same area of Grenoble's outskirts after police shot a robbery suspect in a chase.

Sarkozy visited Grenoble and made one of his most criticised security speeches, pledging to strip foreign-born individuals of their French nationality if they attacked police or public officials

Gang raping and murdering other citizensthough ? Go ahead...fill your boots.


Dr Cromarty said...

'Youths' , huh?

blueknight said...

Fontenay-sous-Bois. Twinned with Rochdale?

blueknight said...
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Dr Cromarty said...

Yes, Rochdale. Another nine nonces charged today. A significant proportion of them called 'Mohammed'.

Nice to know they've assimilated by taking a leaf out of Jimmy Savile's book.

'Now then, now then. Allahu Akbar!'

JuliaM said...

"The perps certainly aren't scared of what passes for justice in France."

No more than they are over here, of British justice!



" Twinned with Rochdale?"

It's funny how that keeps cropping up, isn't it?>

"'Now then, now then. Allahu Akbar!'"

If he was still alive (and I realise the bandwagon wouldn't be rolling yet if he was) I wonder if he'd convert..?