Tuesday 30 October 2012

In What Version Of Reality Are These 'Serious Consequences'?

Sergeant Catherine Offord said the sentence sent a message to drivers who did not stop for the police.
“It does have serious consequences,” she added.
And those are..?
A man who ploughed into two vehicles during a police car chase before running off has been given a suspended jail sentence.
You couldn't make it up...


Tatty said...

Ah, she means serious consequences for other people.

It's almost as if she expects people unconnected to the legal profession...and certainly not paid directly from it...to do something about it.

I rather suspect she does and I'm rather hoping people do.

Anonymous said...

The hands of magistrates are tied by the diktats of politically motivated Justice Ministers (previously Lord Chanecellors). Their boss, currently devious Dave, tells 'em they can't put people in prison as it will cost too much and in any case, the cells are flled up with TV licence defaulters or those who put their bins out on the wrong day - in other words, REAL criminals! Can't wait for the introduction of Police and Crime Commissioners who will tell magistrates to get tough with criminal recidivists or those who endanger the lives of other people. In return the Justice Minister will tell the PCCs to get stuffed. Each of them will blame the Police, who will lose more officers through being sacked or made redundant just before they are eligible for a pension, as Tom Winsor's second report recommends, G4S will then take over, just before it it is revealed that the family of the Justice Minister (though not him himself) and several other 'interested' politicans are major shareholders in that company. The British public will get the law enforcement agencies they deserve and people like me will be rounded up by people like Noggy and Melv and shoved off to some camp which doesn't exist. Apart from that, there is nothing wrong with this country!

JuliaM said...

"Ah, she means serious consequences for other people."

Spot on!

"The British public will get the law enforcement agencies they deserve..."

A common theme over at Insp Gadget's. And another reason why it's a bad idea to let police blog.

What did I do to 'deserve' this?

Anonymous said...

"A common theme over at Insp Gadget's. And another reason why it's a bad idea to let police blog."
Why stop at Police? How about right wingers, left wingers, gingers, left handed people, councillors, MPs, Noggy, teachers, engineers or anyone else who has an idea or thought that you disagree with? Surely, the 'art' of blogging is to put forward a suggestion or topic and then allow readers to discuss it in a reasonable manner. As a retired Police officer, there are times when I disagree with Gadget and agree with Noggy (not very often, I'll admit, in the latter case) but I respect his right to blog his views. Just like I respect your right to blog yours, some of which I also agree with.